Guinea pig badge


Can I get the guinea pig badge? I was here before the forums opened to the public.

(Richard Morris) #2

shhhh it’s a surprise :slight_smile:

(Anne McIntyre ) #3

Have we got them now ? How can I tell ? :flushed:


You can see it on your profile. You have the guinea pig badge when I looked at your profile just now.


Badge awards show up in your notifications list too.

(Anne McIntyre ) #6

Thanks. So does it not show as an icon on your profile pic then ? #notevenblonde

(Cathie Condon) #7

Hi Richard- tried to add my Guinea pig badge and somehow removed my Legacy title - help! Thanks

(Richard Morris) #8

Yer good. I just set it back. Now you have a guinea pig badge but the Legacy title :slight_smile:

(Cathie Condon) #9

Thx - I’m a chronic button pusher.


Hi @richard when you get some time could you look into my profile? Super keen to be a piggy :grin: don’t wanna hassle you so no rush. Thanks!


I’m seeing the piggy in your badges. It’s all the way at the bottom.