Guilty cheat week - have I lost my adaptation?


Hi Eric, just a question to keep in mind… if you were vegetarian would your girlfriend pressure you to eat meat/fish? And if so how would you respond to her requests?
I am asking this because we all need respect for our lifestyle choices and support not challenges.
With regards your short deviation from your eating habits I think you will see yourself you might need to restart somewhat but you have done great for 6 months and obviously worked for you so keep going. Best of luck

(Gabe “No Dogma, Only Science Please!” ) #22

Continue as if nothing happened, your body will return to normal in a week or two.

(Alec) #23

My experience is that if you are fat adapted for a long time, you don’t lose it. I was hardcore keto/fasting for 18 months, spent 12 months away from it, and when I went back to fasting I was still fat adapted ie my body was quite happy without food for days.

Does it “stick” with just 6 months fat adaption? Not sure. I would strongly doubt a week of carbs would do any damage. Just KCKO.


I don’t think so. My longest keto period was 7 weeks, in the very beginning. As soon as I got fat adapted, I quit (my main goal was fat adaptation and it was too hard to spend only 25g net carbs on vegetables :smiley: now I spend zero, much better) and probably never did more than 2 weeks on keto at a time (never saw the point or any benefits, I just knew less carbs are better for me but it was hard and I don’t do hard things). I did on/off keto for quite a few years, I had longer carby periods but they were low-carb as I can’t and don’t want go back to high-carb since I left that life maybe 11 years ago (I am bad with time). I developed my cute keto habits even off keto so it’s not like I went back to my old diet as nothing happened.

It seemed to me that I kept my fat adaptation on my on/off keto and I even lost my water weight changes so my morning weight is the same, no matter if I did carnivore or high-carb in the last days (my weight was always quite stable but 4lbs water changes always happened when I switched between ketosis and not ketosis). As far as I know. I almost never weigh myself as it’s super boring to see the same every time unless in extreme circumstances.

By the way, since I am fat adapted (more like since I eat less carbs… I think that is what made the change), fasting is harder (especially since carnivore). Easy (often automatic, natural) EF only happened to me on high-carb but I was way younger, so many things changed so it’s not fair to compare things. But my on/off carnivore-ish pretty much killed my tiny EF abilities (and I am even a bit fattier than before). We will see what longer term carnivore will bring.