Great news!

(Geoffrey) #1

If I wasn’t such a big bad he-man biker dude I’d almost cry.

I have been a carnivore for 380 days now and as of today my cardiologist has taken me off of my last heart medication. He says I’ve done more to heal myself than anything he could have done for me. If I’m still doing good in six more months he will take me off of his patients list.
Carnivore truly heals.
I’m so happy. :grin::grin::grin:

(Alec) #2

Outstanding. And you are 100% correct: carnivore heals.


Doing that amount of healing…AWESOME! Congrats man!

Referencing He-Man…PRICELESS!



Yay, congrats :smiley:

(Robin) #5

You may have lost a lot of weight but you tripled your bad assery!

(Bob M) #6

That is outstanding!

(Joey) #7

@Geezy56 Awesome update. Congratulations! :vulcan_salute:

(Eve) #8

Well done indeed :clap:


Congrats! :smiley:

(KCKO, KCFO) #10

Really happy for you. Love hearing about anyone getting off heart meds. And you used meat, the villain in most heart drs. tales.


(Jane) #11


(Megan) #12

That is awesome!! And grats on 380 days @Geezy56

(Cathy) #13

Does your doctor know that you are doing a carnivore way of eating? That diet flies in the face of conventional wisdom so I am curious of his attitude towards it.

A giant congratulations on your success!!!

(Marianne) #14

That’s wonderful! Sounds like you have a great cardiologist who is up on the science. My cardiologist concedes that my weight has been stable but he still thinks I am doing serious damage to my arteries.

(Geoffrey) #15

My primary care does not know. I’ve only told him that I’m very low carb and he thinks my results are fantastic but I’m sure when he finds out the whole truth he’ll go off the deep end.
My cardiologist on the other hand knows that I am zero carb. I haven’t actually used the term carnivore with him.

(Bob M) #16

@gingersmommy Is that due to your high LDL?

@Geezy56 My cardiologist is about to retire, and he’s one of those people that fit the idea that the medical field only advances when leaders in the field die. I got a score of zero on a CAC scan, and got one LDL level of 130, and he wants me on a statin. I’m not taking a statin.

I assume that as I continue to lose weight, under the LMHR theory, my LDL will continue to go up. I think that’s what happens, and I’m fine with it.

(Laurie) #17

Congratulations on a wonderful job :clap:

(Geoffrey) #18

It’s kinda funny because my LDL, as of my last test was 190 and of course my primary care doc wants me on a statin but of course I turn him down every time.
My cardiologist has never even brought up the subject even though he has access to my primary care’s records.

(Robin) #19

I like your cardiologist.

(Marianne) #20

Yes. He concedes that my HDL and ratio are very good but says those aren’t enough to avoid cholesterol build up.