Great Forum BUT that is the Problem


This forum is fantastic, especially how it is searchable. However, it so good that it should be used more. There are a lot of keto eaters in other Facebook groups that should be here (too) so that this terrific database can really grow and help more people. This is particularly true for those who exercise, in my opinion.

(Michelle) #2

Get them over here!! :grin:

(John) #3

My wife is on several FB groups, from what I hear from her that might not be a good idea. So many people with so many crazy rules with no basis in reality.


Yes, but we could keep only the good ones!

There is a lot to learn in this area and a lot of it is anecdotal at this point. Phinney, Volek, Fung, et al have given us only so much.

(matt ) #5

The forum weeds out the undesirable. Post in your FB groups about us. If they boot you maybe you are better off without them.

(eat more) #6

i tell ppl at the gym every time i am there :slight_smile:

what are you wanting to see done differently?