Got a little lecture from a concession stand girl

(Marshall Taylor) #62

It’s very simple. Either they want your business or they don’t? We as customers hold all the power. Request what you want and don’t worry about the opinions of people who don’t have the discipline to do what we do. It’s not being rude, you know what you want. There should be no discussion other than clarifying your order. :grin:

(Jane) #63

The other day I was checking out in a grocery store and picked up some magnesium citrate for my keto aid.

The checker wrinkled her nose and said “that stuff is AWFUL. I am soooo sorry!!!

I just smiled and nodded. I’ve had to drink a whole bottle for a colonoscopy prep and she obviously had to and was commiserating with me. I didn’t have the heart to tell her I was only drinking a Tbl at a time!

In this case she was trying to be nice, not rude like the concession girl. But it is better for them not to comment on the items or food you are buying. It is a bit forward.

(Robert) #64

I am a little more abrasive with people like that, especially if they are snobbish or stuck up. Perhaps something along these lines…

“I know you are probably accustomed to giving your patrons unsolicited advice from time to time, but maybe you could shut the *** up, just this once. kthnxbai”

You can use that if you want.

(Candy Lind) #65

Try suggesting she has a “feeding disorder!”

(Jane) #66


Good one!

(Troy) #67

Going to the movies will never be the same!

I now go to EVERY Concession worker b4 and after the movie. “ I would like to order nachos w xtra cheese-hold the chips add jalapeños AND a slice of pizza - hold the crust “
Then I stare😳 …waiting to get lectured …please please
I Wil b nice
No luck so far😓

I want to meet her , or anyone a like an just interview

This is awesome
After this concession stand girl massive , good and bad , popularity :smile:

She’s needs to be on a podcast :joy:
I just wonder If she knows how big viral this will go🤔

I digress

(Amy Bachmann) #68

Or you can just say that carbs are poisonous to you and have made you sick (although they are poisonous to most people). She will have to accept that without judgement when it is a life or death situation.

(juice says call it "carb withdrawal' NOT 'keto flu" - reframe it positively) #69

Because their margins are thin as.

So many people HERE are doing it. The proximity effect is leading you to think that what you see is representative of the wider world, I think.

(Wendy) #70

It may depend on where you live. Low carb is very poplar by me. I can order hamburgers with no bun or ketchup at McDonald’s or Wendy’s and they don’t bat an eye. If I order from Hardee’s they ask if I want it in a lettuce wrap. There are keto snacks in the grocery store. It is becoming more main stream here.

(juice says call it "carb withdrawal' NOT 'keto flu" - reframe it positively) #71

Oh, no doubt it’s becoming more popular (I’m in inner-city hipster Melbourne, where all unconventional things get their time in the sun). It’s pretty easy to order fast food keto, as you say. Our supermarkets have Keto snacks (and I believe some of them actually ARE quite keto!).

However, I’m just suggesting that the idea that every place should cater to an eating choice that we have made (mostly voluntarily) on the unquantifiable basis of “so many people are doing [it]” is asking a bit much.

(Wendy) #72

Perhaps, nevertheless if they think they can make a profit on it, it will be available. And you can’t blame her for wishing it. :slight_smile:

(Jane) #73

Where I live they look at you funny if you order unsweet tea and then tell them you don’t need any sweeteners!

I had bought some chicken salad at a local nice grocery store (in Houston on business) and assumed it was prepared fresh at their main store where the have it all out under the counter in large dishes and they pack it and you pay by the pound. I only looked at the carbs before and this time checked the ingredients and was surprised to see a mile-long list of artificial ingredients. :rage:

(Jane) #74

I was checking ingredients on sausage and only found one out of 7 or 8 brands w/o sugar. It also had the shortest ingredient list.

(juice says call it "carb withdrawal' NOT 'keto flu" - reframe it positively) #75

Amazing correlation, hey? We are mostly just eating chicken sausages currently (well, when we eat sausages, I think we’ve had them once in the last fortnight), made locally at the markets, and the butcher says they’ve got two ingredients - 60/40 meat/fat - and the casing.

(Jane) #76

I have a hand crank meat grinder - heavy cast iron job that is easy to push meat through. I’ve made my own sausage when I wasn’t traveling so much for my job and really enjoyed it.

Something I plan to do again once I retire.


My mom always threatened to send us through my grandma’s grinder if we misbehaved. (Everyone was in on the joke!)

(juice says call it "carb withdrawal' NOT 'keto flu" - reframe it positively) #78

…after the first kid went through…

(Daniel DiDonato) #79

Dont ler it get to you, let them revel in their ignorance. And dont get into a discussion, unless you really know your stuff, which isn’t hard to do wirh a little research. You know its working, you know, your parameters, to thine own self, be true.,:wink:


The thing that gets me about people like this is… If I were to have carbs, I wouldn’t waste them on a wrap!

(Stephanie Durham) #81

Having Celiac disease has helped mitigate the discomfort of asking for special dietary accommodations in my life. We do not have the option of getting X on the wheat-containing whatever and tossing the whatever. My children are Celiac, too, so travel has made us experts at finding something edible in gas station stores (nuts & V8, btw), on airplanes, traveling abroad (or to Middle America). I have, many times, expressed gratitude for our condition, as it has allowed us to avoid SO MUCH rotten food in our lives, though it has often meant pre-eating or bringing our own food to events and activities.
While we have gotten popcorn as a treat sometimes at movies, eating at movies has never been part of the ritual for us. Mb you can replace the standing-in-line ritual with relishing the naughtiness of a new, sneaking-cheese-or-nuts-or-both-into-the-theatre ritual?