Good or bad

(Kirk Wolak) #141

Yeah, one treat of carbs is too many, and 1,000 is never enough.

I test some things this time a year, around my birthday. Always shocked that ONE day, even ONE meal, can take 10 days of extremely pristine eating to stop the cravings.

The best part, nowadays, is that the reactions to the things I want are so much more severe every passing year. 3yrs ago it was keto Ice Cream. It’s been over 2yrs, I have ZERO interest. The allergic type reaction was so severe the last time, my wife laughed at me for hours! Imagine a severe hayfever reaction.

5 Years ago, it would have been Pizza or some crap. The mere thought of Pasta is sickening.
in todays world, I think a meat sauce with tomato sauce, covered over sauteed cabbage strips… And even then, I suffer for a couple of days. Mostly migraines.

From a long-term perspective. In 5 more years, even cream in my coffee will be out (I bought one this year, and had 2 sips and tossed it)… While I will fail at perfection… The distance to how far I was willing to travel away from what works well for me has decreased by about 80% Heck, I am wondering if I will allow myself a Sucralose Energy Drink with no artificial colors…
It’s an excellent Mental exercise 5 years in. I want one. But would my desire stop with one?
Will 10 days of “recovery” be worth that one drink.

The calculus changes over time. When you are new, it’s really dangerous, IMO.
When you are experienced, it can STILL be dangerous.
I will likely not have it, but NEXT year, if I abstain for the whole year, I can consider it.
[This avoids the “never again in my life” psychological trap]


I was sick recently with Strep throat and went off my keto diet for 2 or 3 days. Several weeks later I am suffering with shoulder and knee tendonitis

(Robin) #143

Yikes, you’ve had a hard lately! Glad you’re back and hanging in there.
Being keto doesn’t mean we are invincible, sadly.