Good or bad


Eggs, cheese, meat, chicken, cooked in coconut oil, salad, steamed vegetables. I add sea salt, drink water or seltzer.

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Agree with @lfod14 as well, get a full thyroid panel if you are fatigued, probably a full iron panel as well. People who do keto consistently MAY develop hypothyroidism if they never spike their insulin high enough to signal their body that there is enough energy available. Carbs spike insulin about three times that of protein. For some people, a bit more carbs sends that signal, for others, protein is large enough to do the same. Good luck on determining your fatigue issue.


So is it necessary to periodically exceed 20 grams of carbs for health?
What about when you’re sick? Can you have a little honey with tea, toast with jam and cut back on the protein?

(Michael) #44

As others have noted, I think whether you can eat more than 20 or not is very much individual, as it will also depend on your protein intake. I use only protein (150g ) in one meal but even then, I cannot say that works for everyone. Someone else may need 20g of carbs with that same protein, and someone else may get enough signalling from just the protein or just the carbs. Everyone reacts differently (in degree) to carbs and proteins. Net scoop is some people never have an issue and do not get why others might have issues with their thyroid while both eating the same diet.


It’s individual if carbier days are necessary/good.

If I am sick, the LAST thing I want is sugar poisoning… Okay, I can do a high-carb day without sugar poisoning but it’s hard for me to desire carbs that much (though I have a few items where it’s not so hard… but I don’t desire them often).
Why I would want carbs with carbs though? Toast and jam OMG. And sick me wants high-protein high-fat, I don’t become something with a sugar need when catching a cold…

But if I did want something super carby and knew that I can handle it well, I probably would eat it when sick and just would want to spoil myself. But my normal food is better for that. :slight_smile: (It’s probably individual and me being a low-carb veteran - with rare high-carb days - matters a lot too. And that I left high-carb for good when I went low-carb. I immediately looked differently to carby food.)

Those “eat carbs with carbs” advice for variously sick people creep me out, actually. NOPE.
I fast - or eat nutritious food my body need i.e. more or less fatty protein sources. Extra carbs if I fancy half an orange? Maybe but only carby food, I don’t understand the logic.


Curious if any ketoers here ever have oatmeal with butter for breakfast?

(Robin) #47

Nope. Oatmeal is on the naughty list for me.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #48

Too much carbohydrate for me.

(Chuck) #49

No way too many carbs

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Locally we have something called “meat grits”. It’s pork head meat with steel cut oats to soak up beef bone broth. It’s probably not much carbs. Zero effect on blood glucose but I have no numbers. Just as good as bacon IMO


Never liked oats except with lots of eggs, somehow that works taste wise…

Definitely not, oats are carby like hell. Just my vegs brought 25g net carbs on my original keto, definitely no room for grains (that I avoided since I went low-carb anyway), only fruits and nuts and animal carbs!

For 20g I need basically carnivore food, with some tiny extras optionally. Even very carby ones. So if I ever fancied 10g oat in my eggs (nope but I had that relationship with cassava gari at some point, lovely in scrambled eggs, it has a fun flavor) and all my other food was carnivore, it could have fit it into keto. But I prefer staying low for reasons so I need some serious desire for it and grains aren’t THAT tempting most of the time.
(And I don’t eat breakfast but that’s not the point I guess. More like that an oatmeal from 10g oats, well, that’s for mice, not humans. I was creative with grains at some point so there is some room for experiments but it’s still not really a valid idea…)

By the way, the only “keto” item I saw here was oatmeal. A tiny thing with 20g carbs. Not smart, not keto. BUT if one can fit oatmeal into their (hopefully waaaay carbier) keto, I say nothing. It’s their business.

(Allie) #52

I actually had a big bowl of oatmeal yesterday mid-morning, one cup of dried oats cooked in oat milk, with salt added. Absolutely not keto but I do these things from time to time because I can… and on this occasion it was actually perfect for me as I ended up being out in the freezing weather for a few hours and getting soaked, but it did give me evil heartburn for the rest of the day.

I also had a phase of eating a packet mix of so called protein pancakes for breakfast and they contained oats. Not an experiment I will be repeating.

(Chuck) #53

I am committed to this low carb lifestyle, I have so much more energy, I am being weened off all of my prescriptions drugs. Once I reach my goal weight. I plan on experimenting to see if I can increase my carbs and which ones I can tolerate. I don’t plan on eating grains anymore but would like to have potatoes every now and then. And maybe enjoy a Mexican Feed meal every once in awhile. But weight wise I am only half way there and from experience my weight will be much slower at coming off from here on, and I am okay with that. With the slow weight loss I am not seeing any issues with baggy skin. I have read that by doing keto lifestyle that our bodies can literally eat the extra skin as well as the fat. And from what I am seeing with my stepson and myself it is true. My stepson has more weight to loss than what I weighed when I started this journey in September, and he has commented on the fact he isn’t seeing excess loose skin, and he has lost much more than me.

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I’d imagine that if a keto’er had this for breakfast too often, s/he wouldn’t be a keto’er for long.

Besides: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day … to skip. :vulcan_salute:

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #55

LOL! I started keto eating three meals a day. But after a year or so, I found myself not wanting to eat until mid-afternoon. That meal, plus supper, is usually enough. :grin:

(Joey) #56

Exactly the same path taken here. See what’s possible once you cut out the oatmeal?

(Chuck) #57

Yes I am fasting between 16 and 22 hours each day, I am finding more and more that I am only eating one large meal per day, and maybe a snack.


@trucha How is your shoulder tendonitis?

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #59

I’m not a fan of having people force fasting on themselves, but when it happens naturally, as in your case, it’s a very good thing.

(Chuck) #60

I did somewhat force it at first, but not that much. I have most of my life never eaten after about 6pm or my even meal until after 10am in the morning. To be honest I seldom get hungry, but I do eat more calories each day now than I did on the plan I was given by the doctor’s dietitian. That plan always left me tired, angry and frustrated and not to mention gaining weight. My last appointment with the doctor this past month was fun. I past the dietitian in the clinic and she said something like I see my plan is finally helping, and I said no your plan failed miserably and created my own plan and it is working great. I was asked explain and I said one word and walked away “keto”.