Going to try 2 meals only a day

(Marianne) #21

What helped me bridge the cap was to have a butter coffee with my breakfast (usually two eggs and bacon). I found I could make it to dinner without eating very comfortably.

I find that I morphed to 2 meals a day once I became fat adapted (about 4-6 weeks after starting). Now, my eating is confined to usually a mid-afternoon “snack” becaues I am hungry (egg salad, tuna salad, maybe some cream cheese or cheese, etc.).

I get this. In the beginning when I thought fasting was necessary for some reason, I could do a 24-hour fast easily hunger-wise, but it somehow made me anxious. After a little bit, I just stopped. I don’t like fasting. Many people do it very easily, but I prefer to eat regularly, even if it is only twice a day.


That’s quite fine as it’s individual. My SO can’t eat right after waking up but he really needs his food when hours pass and it’s already 6am…
I am in my middle of sleep at that time but even when I wake up, wonderfully satiated, even feeling full, with a negative appetite (so eating is borderline impossible anyway), I refuse to force-feed myself, probably ensuring obesity in the far future and lots of hunger during the day.
I overeat just fine, even massively sometimes if I start my day at 3pm, thank you very much. Eating even earlier (actually, 3pm is a bit too early…) wouldn’t do me any good, to put it lightly.

So both is right. Some people need breakfasts and some people badly need skipping it.

I am no farmer and no hunter. With my tiny energy need and individual workings I mustn’t eat breakfast and I am very passionate about it as breakfast partially ruined my childhood, at least until lunch.

But that’s for 3MAD, right? As it would be 5-8 hours on TMAD…

I always had 3 meals between meals before carnivore, 2MAD was 19/5, 3MAD was 16/8. As I had long meals, often a hour long ones but the time shortens as I eat more times and smaller meals.
I often need to eat more often on carnivore but sometimes I go longer than before so it’s more chaotic. R.I.P. my fixed 3 hours between meals… It never changed on keto either, I just lost my least important meal, I always had 2 main ones and I usually have them even now. It just feels right. Eating before 2pm never felt right starting somewhere in my childhood (and I don’t remember what was before but I wasn’t born doing IF. I merely didn’t eat at night after the first weeks).

I consider it harmful to agressively, forcefully going against our nature, not like I could it regarding eating. I would fight hard and passionately to avoid breakfast. I would sacrifice a lot to protect my sanity, well-being, health and other things.

It’s fine to have a 11 or 12 hour eating window too. Some people eat every 12 hours as that suits them. But there are OMADers eating breakfast and OMADers eating right before bed. Each to their own!

I quickly noticed I need to be well-fasted for my workouts as I have the most energy then.
But I am a morning zombie and I wake up late anyway. So I start my workouts after noon… Works quite well with me being satiated until 2pm at least :wink:

Oh my.

Keto and carnivore were my cheapest diets :slight_smile: Of course I don’t buy expensive things, thankfully I don’t need them. Just a tiny bit of ruminant meat every 2 months, that is still nice even if expensive. But I could stop eating coffee… If I was a different person…

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I never had any sick tummy today, and I almost look like a Carnivore, although I know I still have some “plant” based things in there :wink: Oops, I wanted to enter in my macros for anyone interested (just what I figured they should be, maybe :wink: ) Proteins 50%, Fats 45% and Carbs 5%. And @PaulL, look at my snack :laughing:


This. If I want to I can make it to a very late lunch or early dinner without any effort or forethought drinking just the coffee and my electrolytes and vitamins.

I do struggle with TV time snacking though around 7-8 pm. My husband who eats Keto too still has his guilty indulgence of pan-popped popcorn every, single, night, and it’s a trough sized bowl! Literally has to be over 15 - 20 cups of popcorn. But he can handle much higher carbs than me. I’m just thankful it’s not a bag of chips or some other prepackaged snack. But hearing him crunching next to me for an entire hour is tough to ignore. I’m trying to have another bulletproof tea instead and imagining each slow sip is a bite of a snack, or I cave and have cubed cheese and summer sausage, maybe a couple olives. If I have fat at that time it carries me over until the next day and curbs any desire to replicate his munching. :rofl:

(Pete A) #25

Is there a reason you’re not having more calories? Or protein?

You are busy with muscle building activities, could be good to feed that.

Nice job!