Going carnivore and running?

(Edith) #41

@cooked, Have you run your race? If so, what did you decide about your diet, and how did you do?

(David Cooke) #42

The race is on Saturday and I just bought a load of meat, eggs and some dairy. I also have to admit that after 40 hours bus, taxi and plane travel, I just sat down to a beer and a whiskey, intend to run in the morning.




Fibre. :joy:


How was the race???

(Alec) #46

Good luck… hope things go well, and you race to your expectation… pls post how you go, really keen to see how you feel on whatever diet you decide on… go for it!!!


remember too and just sayin’ here that ALL of us are not some clean off the factory fresh newborn ‘baby’ floor models :star_struck::roll_eyes::partying_face::100:

So much can effect how we need to roll in that being older for one thing, yea, that is massive on data for us and then we got what medical issues one can heal and change or still have to deal and more. Our bodies are not machines…yes they ‘run like machines’ on their individual processes being so close knit and dependable to each other to function, but we are not machines for sure in any aspect of that…so…as you said do you and see how the info presented is working for you or not well at whatever stage of healing/life we are on carnivore.

(David Cooke) #48

'How was the race???"
Good question. I did quite well for my age, but there’s no point in drawing conclusions, because…
I was jetlagged.
It was 30 °C cooler than the place I left. Always helps.
I was carnivore for three days only.
And of course, coming back home was quite stressful so I just ate everything that was put in front of me. Didn’t gain any weight at all.

(Doug) #49

:open_mouth::slightly_smiling_face: A substantial difference. :grin: