Goal to gain

(nicolerecine) #1

I’d like to suggest a sub forum for those of us trying to gain weight or build muscle on keto. Ot those who generally started without needing to lose body fat.

(Richard Morris) #2

Even our podcast isn’t really about weight loss - it’s about using a ketogenic diet for better glucose control, it just happens that on the way to curing diabetes many people also lose weight.

I think we may end up changing the “Winners and Losers” category to something like “Progress” (but something less anodyne) - within which we can have sub-categories for Fat loss, LBM gain, health diagnostic markers … all that kind of thing. Until we launch publicly in the New Year the categories may change around quite a bit until we get the right mix.

As for the strategies, people trying to lose body fat and those trying to improve bone density and build lean mass - all may get benefit from our exercise category.