GNG say what? Gluconeogenesis


(Ivonne) #1

Please! I got involved in a debate in Facebook, about GNG… and I would love to know what you guys think about it. I’m not sure where to stand.

Someone gave me this link:


(Guardian of the bacon) #2

I get tired of arguing about it…The bodybuilder types believe the more protein the better. Personally I’ve found I have to watch my protein very closely to successfully lose weight.

I really believe the determining factor is your level of insulin resistance. The more insulin resistant you are the more important it is to moderate your protein intake. This is strictly this farmboys humble opinion.

(Tom Seest) #3

What type of farm?

(Kim) #4

I have found the same, Dr Adam McNally from the podcast Keto talk with Jimmy Moore says that is what he has found clinically

(Guardian of the bacon) #5

Crop farm most of my life, we were farming 5000 acres when my dad got a brain tumor and had to liquidate back in 2002. We ran 200 head of cattle now and then when prices were favorable.

Today my “farm” consists of 3 acres of pasture, 4 head of cattle, an aquaponics garden, nad a large regular garden.

(Keto Krazy) #6

The dudes covered it pretty well here:

(Richard Morris) #7

I suspect both are correct, that Adam Nally did observe clinically that people who moderated their protein lost weight, and that people state that gluconeogenesis is not driven by an increase in substrate but by demand for new glucose.


In addition to Richard’s excellent blog post, Episode #33 of the 2KD podcast covers the same subject and some other issues surrounding protein levels.

Transcript : #33 - The Protein Controversy