Glucose spikes: eating carbs but drastically lowering them


(Bob M) #21

I think you’re correct, and even I have started to eat more carbs after a body weight workout. (Not sure what benefits there are, yet. And I find good carbs hard to find; the last squash I had near killed me in the bathroom.)

I think most people who go keto aren’t like that though. When you have an A1c >6, you need to get that under control. Stay keto for a while, repair some of that, restart exercising, maybe then try higher carbs.


Each to their own. My body definitely strongly prefer very low-carb as my default, things like cauliflower should be banned… Good I don’t want it at all :slight_smile:

I never thought carbs or fat would be bad (is SAD low-fat? you can do that in the US? we eat very fatty here, that’s the tasty, that was always the norm…). Some people are surely thriving on 1000g carbs a day, good for them. They better don’t spend that on sugary cakes though even if they can pull it off for some time.

And there is a thing as being obsessed with health and specific details of one’s diet.
That is individual too. Some people needs or enjoys the details and experiments galore. Others would go crazy without sweets. Eat sweets them though preferably healthy ones. Healthy is individual too. I never ever believed any edible, proper food would be bad for me. My body handles even sugars well - just in tiny amounts (and surrounded with lots of fatty protein especially afterwards).I can live with that.

And I think it’s very much known that very high activity level requires more carbs. I probably never will be that active but some people are. I do my tiny little lifting (well it’s serious enough to ME) and the less carbs I eat, the better.

(Jane) #23

Interesting, PJ!

I could totally eat that way since I tend to eat one thing at a time on my plate, instead of a bite of this… a bite of that. Been doing that since I was a kid.

I see another benefit in eating the potatoes last… you may be getting full from the fat, veggies and proteins that you don’t eat as many potatoes.

I am growing a small crop of potatoes in my garden this year after not growing any for a few years. It will be an occasional treat and now I know to eat them last! It will be my dessert LOL.