Glucose and Ketone Blood readings


Does anyone have experience with interpreting blood glucose and ketone readings? I have been taking readings for the last three weeks. If anyone has some experience let me know. I won’t flood the topic yet with my questions just yet.

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My experience is that when in ketosis, BG remains in the mid-low normal range consistently. I posted all daily glucose plots in the linked below. I’m not tracking ketones so much any more, that was last year. I think glucose is probably a more useful marker. Although, I think it would be great if we could get a for home use insulin monitor. My guess is that unless you have insulin resistance or worse, insulin probably tracks pretty closely with BG. So a consistent mostly straight-line glocose plot would indicate a mostly straight-line insulin plot. Unless there are other factors influencing insulin and not glucose.

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Yes a whole lot of us monitor both regularly or at east during certain periods when experimenting.
What would you like to know.