Global whistle blowing on the unhealthiness of processed breakfast cereals


Once in awhile I take a dip, maybe more of a look, in the mainstream. From the keto riverbank it is bordering incredulous to see that many people see industrially processed cereals as a normal breakfast. In many cases with people close to me, people I know, that they believe cereals and breakfast on waking in the morning are essential to a marketed paradigm of good health.

Have I been keto cult captured?

A ‘bowl of bland’ seems a certain way to knock oneself out of an overnight fasted ketosis.

Cereal: a grain used for food.
Does not qualify that a cereal actually is food. Cereal is ‘used for’ food.

Information gathering and data storage has been done by the University of Southern California then used in providing proof in cases against global processed food companies. Global processed food companies are side shift safe havens for many tobacco industry executives that took a lane change when the deadly effects and addiction of smoking impacted their bonuses.

I found this an interesting health report (below) that is initiated by front of packet food label warnings in Chile and Mexico.

(Bacon enough and time) #2

As the protégé of Ellen G. White, Kellogg entered the breakfast food market with the explicit goal of inhibiting people’s sex drives. The idea was that a breakfast of meat and eggs gave our reproductive systems too much energy, and that we would be more spiritual if our diet gave us PCOS and impotence instead.


Paul we can’t approach the history piecemeal, nor Kellog’s cornmeal. Remember in those days nobody trusted water due to limited knowledge of science in general and microbiology. The temperance movement was determined against aggressive violence (now we have vegans), despite it being safer to drink, beer, cider and spirits. People were trying to calm the intoxicated male ape. They swapped out the alcohol, religion, and androgens for carbs, religion, and a predominance of weaker in mind and body humans.

I think Belinda Fettke is a primary resource on this (his)story.

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They were weaker, but at least they weren’t consumed by “fleshly lusts,” lol! :rofl::rofl: :sob:


I didn’t need keto not to see cereals as food. I STILL can’t comprehend how anyone can do that. It doesn’t look like food. It doesn’t taste like food. It doesn’t have what my body wants and needs… It’s stupid. We could just eat candies for breakfast, it wouldn’t be MUCH worse. I find cereals usually bad tasting too.

And I usually love crunchy things to some extent, even carbs. But I instinctively abhor cereals. Even if other people eat it (as I surely don’t). It’s so weird.

And my libido has zero to do with the meatiness of my woe, by the way. Isn’t that true for everyone?
And if one has zero libido or potency, why wouldn’t it make them spiritual? :smiley: It’s not how humans work I fear.

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Remember we’re talking about a rather prudish / puritanical viewpoint of 100+ years ago. Sex: something you do to your legal church-sanctioned wife annually to make another descendant. Period. :flushed::grimacing::roll_eyes:

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I saw a report recently that put some of the highest, sugary cereals as the best foods to consume and bacon and eggs as the worst. Idiots!

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Sorry, I shouldn’t compare but that sugar is so attractive with it’s instant reward. It’s like God and the Devil !!


Not surprising. That stupid A to E or F thing we barely have on any package at the time is quite against fat. If it’s fatty, it gets a bad grade, simple like that (maybe just for saturated fat, maybe not, I have no idea about the details).

But sugar is bad according to basically everyone, isn’t it? Well mostly. The radio had something about sugars and the dietician bemoaned the practice of giving fructose to people with diabetes… She actually said a lot of smart things! And some wrong ones like that eating glucose WILL make one energetic and then super sleepy so she pitied each and every students coming with glucose tablets to do some big exam as they will lose energy. I never experienced such things. I even read that sugar doesn’t cause high in kids, they tested it and nope.
I talked with my SO right afterwards and we both are unsure WHY is the belief that sugar will cause sugar crash later. Isn’t it our body’s job to keep BS in the right range, he asked. Yes, it is, I said. So it’s for people with diabetes, he asked.
We just don’t understand as our bodies just work as they should. Mine nudges me if I overdo carbs but there’s still no crash. Or noticeable energy.

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Dariush Mozzafarian’s food score, yeah. Interestingly, the food companies that contribute the most to his department all seem to have foods that score the best on his list. Hmm . . . . :scream:

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Oh, right, the Danone yogurt guy. Next.