Ghee is expensive!


Unfortunately I can’t advise.

I used to eat that magerine crap (plastic almost), for years.

So I can’t recall what real butter was priced at before those years.

I’'m definitely finished with margerine- not for me sir.

(Allie) #22

That’s what I was raised on, Flora! 🫣


Me too.



Although, thankkfully, i can remember my mum cooking with lard when I was very young.

She probably switched to ‘veg’ oil and margerine thinking she was doing the right thing for us.


I was raised on margarine too (no idea why. Mom surely didn’t try to spend little time on groceries. but she had her things. I only knew the worst cheeses all my childhood. they were edible but not the good stuff). Not plastic, watered down sunflower oil… I don’t even like normal sunflower oil (okay it was tasteless for me as a kid as we used that exclusively for cooking as almost everyone, now I feel the sunflower taste. and unlike most people here, I dislike sunflower seed flavor)…

Now I forgot (AGAIN) that one MUST be careful with stuff. Managed to buy watered down butter again. It’s worse than what one would think, totally reminds me of margarine and even a light one I only met a few times…

But you shouldn’t even buy vinegar without reading the label, apparently… It’s 32% sugar.
Sigh. At least the meat I buy has only meat as far as I can tell. And I read the label when I buy processed meat.

By the way, I stop eating butter. I can’t afford such luxury items and it’s easy to live without it.
It’s one of the items with a huge price raise and it wasn’t exactly cheap before either. It doubled its price in a year. It’s not the normal big Hungarian inflation, it’s an extreme war in the neighbourhood inflation. Oh and our crops have problems in this draught too… Wonderful. Even the meat prices will shoot up that way.
Time to eat less and slim down I suppose. I have reserves from better times and I don’t need the extra fat.

I have read cookbooks from various ages… Those very general ones that talked about various things, not just recipes, not just cooking.
I don’t remember when things changed but I was born in 1976 and then the sunflower oil and margarine was in full swing. And of course, it was called the healthy way. The cookbooks before WWII did the same with lard. The cookbooks between the two times did their best to persuade people to change their ways. It was quite effective, I must say. Of course people kept eating lard in their meaty dishes, fat tissue stayed a popular breakfast item in some circles but for cooking? Almost everyone used sunflower oil. It’s the primary cooking oil now too, coconut oil is new (came with the very strong paleo hype), olive oil is expensive fancy thing used sparingly I suppose… And it’s possible to buy animal fat so the option is there. But sunflower oil is the cheap and traditional one so most people use that.

(Allie) #26

Sadly many were tricked into thinking that way :pensive:

(Nasir) #27

In my childhood in subcontinent, milk from our cows/water buffalos was turned into yogurt first, then butter. Then the clarifying process involved adding semolina to it to avoid burning and semolina absorbed all the proteins and other stuff leaving just fat. Ghee was then drained and sugar added to convert the remaining semolina in to a tasty (sweet and a bit sour/tangy) dessert.

(Allie) #28

We used to be given semolina at school but what you had sounds like it was much nicer.


I LOVE semolina, not so much the school version though!

Flora! That stuff is vile, does anybody remember GOLD margarine? That was enough to put you off toast for sure!


Once I was singing with the choir somewhere… We got sandwiches. I wasn’t happy with the bread but well, it’s normal for others and doesn’t harm me much. No, that wasn’t my problem.
The sandwich had some wonderful thick good quality pork on it, it would have been great! IF they didn’t use some horrible margarine below it. I never like that watered oil anywhere, of course but under that wonderfulness… It was a crime. The pork wasn’t even lean!
I just don’t understand people and their taste buds. Good pork and margarine… Seriously?!