Getting to know you

(Allie) #22

This has been raised before and as I recall, it was suggested that we make a journal in the progress / accountability section for the purpose.

(Marianne) #23

I agree - love this idea.


Well, I half agree.

This place shouldn’t stray too far from the Keto diet message and the many studies/our personal collective results have enlightened us and others.

At the same time, I also think we have enough leeway to crack a joke, post a doggy pic…or even weigh up whom has the best clan tartan pattern!
If it was too strict I wouldn’t bother my arse logging on here. And that’s me coming back from temp bans with no prejudice whatsoever.

In short, I’m here for study updates, good advice, learning from others’ experiences especially medically, doggy pics and how to keep the Keto daily main meal interesting…a la what did you keto today thread.

(Peter - Don't Fear the Fat ) #25

Absolutely, me too. Even the great teachers we follow online crack the occasional joke.

(Marianne) #26

Show us a pic!