Getting colds more often While on Keto

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Allergy that developed into chronic rhinitis and needed steroid pills, steroid nasal spray, and crazy strong antihistamine pills to get under control - just finishing steroids now so really hoping it doesn’t come back… but no, not a cold.


Here is an update in case anyone is curious. I still have the stiff knee since September but have learned to live with it. Still no idea what it is but am able to go on long walks and exercise so do not really care. I did not have a cold or any other virus since July 2018. Then in October and November I was not particularly great at sticking to keto and one of my kids came home with a cold that he had for over a month. He is fine now but gave it to my husband and me. We were sick for a week but coughed for over a month as well. Worst cough I ever had, finally got rid of it in January when I was visiting Italy (change of climate and no dogs). Before I got rid of the residual cough I had another cold during the first week in January but that seemed to be a more typical one. We have wondered what it could be but I had no problem with sense of smell and we were around a lot of old people over the holidays and no one got it.

Given how blood sugar is a risk factor for the virus, I am now really good at sticking to keto or at least low carb. However I am not fasting except when I forget to have breakfast or dinner because I do wonder if the reason I kept getting sick in the first year were all those extended fasts that I enjoyed

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What do you take and where can I buy it? I had one a few minutes ago

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To what are you referring?

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Iodine supplementation that fixes a possibly recurerent sinus problem

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You may want to check out this thread. Also, if you search the forum for “iodine”, you will find other threads, as well.


I do not take Iodine as I have Hashimotos. I own a bottle of Lugols but have taken it maybe 5 times in the 2 years it has sat in my cabinet. I do take Liposomal vitamin C a couple of times a week or when I am around sick people. I had not taken it in awhile, I had a sick kid, forgot to take it until I felt the cold coming on earlier this month and by then it was too late and had a really miserable cold. However I ordered more of the Liposamal C and my adult children who live elsewhere came to visit, I made them take it while I was sick and so far they have not gotten the family cold