Genetics testing (and Carrie Brown)?

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I didn’t have to pay, it was a couple of years ago when Prometheus was not owned by MH.

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Mmm…fried baloney on white bread! A staple. Some of my extended family was Polish, and we ate pierogies fried in butter. Yum!

When I saw my 100% Italian dad get T2 diabetes but still eat pasta every day, I knew I had to change things. Made me realize that maybe even Italians aren’t supposed to eat pasta?

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One of the things I truly miss

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I’ve found some good substitutes for Italian (American-Italian anyway) dishes. A good lasagna, made using chicken deli meat. If I make ground beef + Italian sausage and add low carb spag sauce, I don’t miss the noodles. Even have two types of pizza “dough” that hit the spot. I’ve even found some pretty reasonable “fake” low-carb Mexican dishes. Meatloaf, stuffed peppers, etc., all have low carb, not bad varieties.

But I don’t see anyone making low carb pierogies. Sadly.

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Try one of these: