General site feedback

(Ginger) #1


I’m a n00b to this site and haven’t used a forum structure for yonks. I used to use them all the time (in the 00’s :rofl::joy:) and was a frequenter of the lowcarbfriends forum. Anyway, just wanted to say that I love the set up of this forum. It’s so much more user friendly and intuitive to use than I remember forums being. 10/10 from this geek.

(Rob) #2

Obviously, most of it is the awesome people but it is also the software called Discourse. It costs money but it is definitely worth it!

(Ginger) #3

Well, i’ve never happened upon Discourse before, but it’s a nice bit of software clearly!

(Rob) #4

I’d never come across it before either. It has a great mobile app that is superior to using mobile browsers…

(Pete A) #5

I haven’t said how helpful it is having the site in my life alongside me as I “diet”.

Thanks all!

(Old Baconian) #6

@Pete_A Never say diet!

(Sorry, I’ll just let myself out, shall I?)


I was just going to say the same things, @gingogenic!!

It just hit me that the first forum site I found and used was actually a vegetarian one! :see_no_evil: I don’t feel guilty about fully committing to that anymore! I used people I tried, but I just have to eat steak every now and then.

(Eric - The patient needs to be patient!) #8

The site is so slow this morning it is not usable.