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Hey, Rob, try this: take a glass of water that has a tablespoon of MCT oil in it. Then dilute it by a hundred. Divide the diluted mixture into convenient quantities and dilute them by 100. Do this a few more times. Eventually, you will get a very, very, very, very dilute solution that remembers what the orginal MCT molecules were, and will have the same effect on your body as that original glass with the tablespoon of MCT oil in it. Try it, it works!

Oh, and by the way, I have a lead on a bridge that you might be interested in buying . . . :grin::grin::grin:

(Snake oil, ya think?)

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Paul, how dare you diss Homeopathy like that?


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MRight. Water memory. I forgot about that one. I remember seeing that one a few years ago. The first thing I thought of was how someone figured out how to make a few dollars selling water. Then I swear I heard WC Fields, quoting PT Barnum. :joy:

Maybe I should get into the act, try making a few bucks. I can take your old computer hard drives and make water softeners out of them! Using nothing more than duct tape and a screwdriver! Oh, that’s been done? How about using them to improve your gas mileage! Taken already? Damn. Ok… ok… ok… I got it! Shoe liners! I mean, ever since the invention of shoes and sidewalks we humans lost our connection the the earths magnetic field through our feet! I could use the hard drives magnets, put them inside the liners of shoes… dammit… missed that one too!

I guess it takes more than just a sucker. It takes someone willing to exploit someone’s ignorance. I can’t do that.

Got any swampland? Not interested in any bridges.

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I did my job then.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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There has got to be another term for this other than coincidence.

Yesterday, my stepdaughters kids are over here watching a Christmas movie I’ve never seen before. Fairly recent I think, well, they were using cell phones anyway.

Ok, verbose mode /off

So Santa is telling his life story. Evidently he is from a place called Lapland. All the actors are English, plus a lot of other stuff gives the British flavor to this show. Now I lived in England for over four years, and I’ve never heard of Lapland. So of course, in my mind, knowing the British so well :roll_eyes:, I assumed it was a play on words with Santa, you know, the whole sitting on his lap thing.

So then that same night I’m reading @atomicspacebunny post about polynomials. Wtf? iPhone wants to talk about math? Ok then, polynomials in your diet from grape seems and tree bark. And then a quote from Mark Twain, “the Strongest coffee I ever had was from a Laplanders piss”.

Ok, when I read that I about choked on my water. It was a water spewing moment for sure. The kids looked at me like I had lobsters crawling out of my ears. I swear, I read it several times. Did I read that right? Someone is saying Mark Twain is quoted as drinking a Lapdancers piss? Wtf??? Ok, it was funny at first and then I found it very disturbing. Even more so once I slowed down an looked at it more closely. Yes I felt very ashamed. And that’s when the coincidence hit me. Never heard of this place EVER, despite living relatively close to it.

I’ve experienced this many times. Listening to the radio while driving, hear a new name I’ve ever heard of before, as I drive on a bridge across a river with the very same name.

Love and laughs guys.

Keto Vitae!

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Lapland is in the north of Scandinavia. It’s where the Lapp people live.

There is an old joke about a race south from the North Pole, and one of the racers could tell she had passed the last Lapp when she crossed the Finnish line. (I got a million of 'em!)

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Bah dum tah tssssh!

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I have a few Christmas time geek habits I’d thought I’d share.

First, and maybe not geeky, but I usually have “A Christmas Story” playing all day long. I love that movie. That F- - - movie. If you don’t get that reference, you are culturally deprived. Now go watch it several times in a row, I’ll wait here, and watch it with you on my own :rofl:

Another one is relatively new, just something from the past 8 years or so. Is Steve Gibson’s take of “The portable dog killer”. It’s a tale of a 16 yr old Steve who has a problem with a neighborhood dog. He used his creativity to cure a problem that many a city dweller has. (No actual dogs were killed). He retells it in this podcast, starting at 57:45

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I haven’t had a laugh this hard in a long time. Read what one fella thinks about what would happen if Uranus was suddenly teleported next to the earth.

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Who knew? Sounds like a possible staet up? Maybe I should create a go fund me page?

One litre of horse sweat contains around 3.5g of sodium, 6g of chloride, 1.2g of potassium and 0.1g of calcium. A horse can easily lose 5 litres of sweat each hour on a normal day at a moderate pace which equates to the loss of around 50g of electrolytes.

So I suppose I need to create a still suit for horses (think ‘Dune’)

:joy::rofl::joy: well, thats what my search for increasing sodium in diet without a salty taste cam up with.

EDIT 2: really. Thanks Apple for the ridiculous auto corrects. I ducking tired of educating my own comments after I send theme. Even after I know I typed them in c o r r e c t l y. I used to think that those memes about the most horrible autocorrects sent, were just made up. I’m actually thinking most of them are plausible now. I have a theory that when you mistype something and it gets auto corrected, there is an algorithm that learns from your re-corrections. For instance, I would type ketogenic, and it used to auto correct to keepsakes. After re-correcting it manually as it happened, it learned to leave it alone. Which is quite worrying when you read some of those memes about “worst auto corrects”. When someone says they need more asian pop corn, and the c in corn gets replaced with p. Hiliarity ensue she (in sues :roll_eyes: geez. Hi sent, I don’t even drink. *H o n e s t. Does apple know something about me that I don’t? Would not let me type the “honest”. Maybe too much salt water? Anyway, I’m damned tired of autocorrect. I’m looking it up right now. How to shut off Audio cores.

Edit 3: ok. Now I’m thinking corporate fraud. Apple watching anything typed concerning them, keep it sterile. Hines (wtf) honestly, this was not meant to sound like a comedy routine. I’m actually getting very tickled off right now. Maybe the man behind the curtains who runs the big Siri head has a twisting since of humongous (*twisted, twisted sense of humor”) :man_facepalming:t2:

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Fanfiction writer here. :wink: I write fanfic for Star Trek- TOS and the Kelvin timeline. Battlestar Galactica and used to write fanfic for Harry Potter(and won some awards for my fanfic, lol!) I also volunteer at a working steam train museum where I get to pretend the diesel age never happened.

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Not a bad turn of phrase, actually! LOL!

Thank God my desktop doesn’t have autocorrect, so I only have to cope with my own misspellings! :bacon:

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Hello geeks. I had an epiphany today while repairing my wifes barber clippers. It was about the flow of electricity. Basically DC vs AC.

I began my love of electronics with my first erector set about the age of 5. By age 10 i had collected a small library of books on electronics from my uncles, and father, and grandfater. All of them mechanics.

Ok, cutting the life story in the bud right now! Sorry.

So, one of the night hings i learned in my self taught electronics course was this… the power from a battery (think flashlight battery) flows from negative to positive. I had plenty of documentation for this.

Sometime in the mid 1980’s, we had mass confusion in the Air Force geekdom where i worked. We learned that what we had all learned about electricty was wrong. That the electricty flowed from Positive to Negative. There was much resistance to this, no pun intended. The “pointy heads” (our nickname for the hard core electronics guys. They worked on avionics and ECM. They lived electric theory at work every day) seemed almost panicked. But we got over it, and life went on, the world didnt end, and the universe was still balanced.

So a few years ago, I got a job offer at a copier company as a repair technician. Right up my alley! The tech manager asked me a bunch of questions. Had me take a short quiz to test my knowledge (I had to admit the one question that stumped me was “draw a wiring diagram of a three way light switch, as found in house wirirng. I told him I really hate house wiring, could i draw him a bridge rectifier instead? That made him laugh.)

Then he asked me which way does electricty flow. I must have had a shocked look, because he started to laugh. I gave him a quick answer, that i thought i knew, and then in the Air Force in changed. He got a kick out of that, and we went on. Long discussion about it.

Then he told me something i never heard of “electron holes”. He said the electricity flows from positive to negative, but the electron holes travel from negative to positive. :exploding_head:

Well, today i began looking into it. This is an interesting fella, he often makes a lot of sense. If you thought you knew electronics, well, if youve heard the saying about quantum mechanics… “someone that says they understand quantum mechanics, doesn’t understand quantum mechanics.”


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Awesome. ToS is one of my all time favorites. Its just a little ahead of Firefly, probably because Fox cut it short. Such wasted potential.

Oh, and I have to know. Any relation to Capt Jack?

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Well, i fixed the felgargarb thing. No more auto corrects. But i left the predictive bar active. Its always helpful, ok, sometimes helpful, when I’m not sure about a word. That, and sometime i just like playing word games with it by picking some random word i heard during the day, and then letting the predictive text pick the next word, and the next, and on and on until it turns into pure gibberish. Reminds me of an interactive “madlib” (a small puzzle magazine from the 1970’s).


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Any chance of linking your stories? Avid reader here too!

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lol. Can I say yes to that?

(April Harkness) #158

and about those stories. Most were erotic fanfic…not appropriate for me to post, lol!

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I suppose that hat depends if you are a fan of the Doctor or not :sunglasses:

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Hrm… sounds an awful lot like ToS then. I seem to remember Tiberius always got the girl. Except for thise two times, once Spock in an ice age, and Bones when Gem pretty much extended his life by about 2x normal expectancy? (Based on hos conversation with Lt Commander Data on the first episode of TNG.)