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Hey, Rob, try this: take a glass of water that has a tablespoon of MCT oil in it. Then dilute it by a hundred. Divide the diluted mixture into convenient quantities and dilute them by 100. Do this a few more times. Eventually, you will get a very, very, very, very dilute solution that remembers what the orginal MCT molecules were, and will have the same effect on your body as that original glass with the tablespoon of MCT oil in it. Try it, it works!

Oh, and by the way, I have a lead on a bridge that you might be interested in buying . . . :grin::grin::grin:

(Snake oil, ya think?)

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Paul, how dare you diss Homeopathy like that?


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MRight. Water memory. I forgot about that one. I remember seeing that one a few years ago. The first thing I thought of was how someone figured out how to make a few dollars selling water. Then I swear I heard WC Fields, quoting PT Barnum. :joy:

Maybe I should get into the act, try making a few bucks. I can take your old computer hard drives and make water softeners out of them! Using nothing more than duct tape and a screwdriver! Oh, that’s been done? How about using them to improve your gas mileage! Taken already? Damn. Ok… ok… ok… I got it! Shoe liners! I mean, ever since the invention of shoes and sidewalks we humans lost our connection the the earths magnetic field through our feet! I could use the hard drives magnets, put them inside the liners of shoes… dammit… missed that one too!

I guess it takes more than just a sucker. It takes someone willing to exploit someone’s ignorance. I can’t do that.

Got any swampland? Not interested in any bridges.

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I did my job then.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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There has got to be another term for this other than coincidence.

Yesterday, my stepdaughters kids are over here watching a Christmas movie I’ve never seen before. Fairly recent I think, well, they were using cell phones anyway.

Ok, verbose mode /off

So Santa is telling his life story. Evidently he is from a place called Lapland. All the actors are English, plus a lot of other stuff gives the British flavor to this show. Now I lived in England for over four years, and I’ve never heard of Lapland. So of course, in my mind, knowing the British so well :roll_eyes:, I assumed it was a play on words with Santa, you know, the whole sitting on his lap thing.

So then that same night I’m reading @atomicspacebunny post about polynomials. Wtf? iPhone wants to talk about math? Ok then, polynomials in your diet from grape seems and tree bark. And then a quote from Mark Twain, “the Strongest coffee I ever had was from a Laplanders piss”.

Ok, when I read that I about choked on my water. It was a water spewing moment for sure. The kids looked at me like I had lobsters crawling out of my ears. I swear, I read it several times. Did I read that right? Someone is saying Mark Twain is quoted as drinking a Lapdancers piss? Wtf??? Ok, it was funny at first and then I found it very disturbing. Even more so once I slowed down an looked at it more closely. Yes I felt very ashamed. And that’s when the coincidence hit me. Never heard of this place EVER, despite living relatively close to it.

I’ve experienced this many times. Listening to the radio while driving, hear a new name I’ve ever heard of before, as I drive on a bridge across a river with the very same name.

Love and laughs guys.

Keto Vitae!

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Lapland is in the north of Scandinavia. It’s where the Lapp people live.

There is an old joke about a race south from the North Pole, and one of the racers could tell she had passed the last Lapp when she crossed the Finnish line. (I got a million of 'em!)

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Bah dum tah tssssh!