Gaining weight on keto after 2 years?

(Fran adkins) #1

Been on keto faithfully for 2 years. Take the supplements, use mct oil, count carbs …no more than 20 a day. Went from over 287 to 150…why am I now gaining weight when nothing has changed ?

(Marianne) #2

Congratulations! That is an incredible feat, although the beauty of keto vs. conventional dieting is that you can eat heartily and still lose weight - a miracle to me. Anyway, were you “too thin” at 150? How much have you gained and over what period of time? Are you using a lot of artificial sweeteners? Do you eat any processed “keto” foods?

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #3

Something changed, maybe just not obvious. Anyway, you lost 130 pounds in 18 months and that’s quite an accomplishment. Congratulations for that!

You’ll have to provide more detail on exactly what and how much of it you’re eating to get any useful responses. There are lots of folks here who have been there done that. Help them help you. Best wishes.

(Jane) #4



So agree with Michael on this.

to the OP, totally agree with this. Something changed :slight_smile:

How we lose the weight is exactly how maintainers keep the weight off. If you ‘added or just a tad of this or that’ or even stress and being sicky icky or thru some issues, there was a change.

If you can think what might be hitting you personally then you will find your reasons that are true to you.

Maintaining can be vicious for all of us! ugh

(Allie) #6

Could not be muscle gain, how do your clothes fit?

(Take time to smell the bacon) #7

Is the weight you gained fat, or did it come in the form of more muscle or greater bone density? How is the fit of your clothing?

If it is a gain of fat, then look for “carb creep” in your diet. If you’d like to post a sample of your diet, we can look it over for likely culprits. Knowing your age, sex, height, and weight would also be helpful.

Also, purely on the chance that you might be a woman of child-bearing age, have you definitively ruled out pregnancy? (I figure a woman would usually know, but I did have a co-worker once who was taken completely by surprise. . . .)


oh come on here :scream:
well I get your point obviously but…ugh and a big ugh at that HAHA

your coworker, I send an UGH to that too :wink:

(Robin) #9

How much have you gained and over what period of time?

(Fran adkins) #10

Clothes fall off…dropped from a 2 xl to a medium…a very loose medium. Not premiers am 67. Exercise daily, stationary bike, rowing machine. Started my diet with slim fast products…cant knock them considering the amt of weight I lost. Count carbs…20 a day. Keto strips register nothing right now. Love salads…eat meat…boiled eggs…fats are important so its not that…I’m confused.

(Fran adkins) #11

20 pounds in 3 weeks! Oh my last post is on hold for review…dont know why…

(Robin) #12

Yikes. I think I would see a doctor with that kind of fast and significant weight gain.

(Fran adkins) #13

None of the above…

(Fran adkins) #14

See one every month…in fact 3…I had colon cancer at 40 and have nodes on my lungs with copd…they dont know

(Edith) #15

20 pounds in three weeks does seem very concerning.

The only three possibilities I can think of would be:

  1. Could your scale be broken? Can you see the weight gain on your body? If not, maybe it is your scale malfunctioning.

  2. Are you heading into perimenopause/menopause? Hormones can certainly wreak havoc with hormones and water retention.

  3. Have you started eating something that you don’t normally eat? Certain foods that don’t agree with me will cause me to bloat up like a balloon.

edit: I thought of another possibility.

  1. Have you started a new medication? Different types of medication can also cause weight gain.

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Just to be on the safe side, however, omit the name of the weight-loss product you used, since it might have signaled something to the spam-protection routines. Other than that, I can’t see any reason for the system to take action against that post.


It’s hard to know, but my guess is the structure of the post, might look like a spambot to the system software. :man_shrugging:

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Girlll, haven’t you seen that series, “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant”? For real, there are more women than you think who go to the bathroom one day and out pops a baby - and they are completely shocked! Hard to believe people can be so clueless, but with six billion people in the world, there’s going to be a certain percentage of wackamoles.

(Robin) #19

That’s the reason we have sledgehammers, I guess. :smiley:


yea I sure agree. I honestly meant that post to be a jokey type post tho.
A wackamole, too funny!