FYI: If you reply to a comment via your email, it will post your signature!


As the title states, I was reading a comment/reply that came through my email. I hit “reply” and typed my response and clicked SEND. About ten minutes later a very kind fellow forum member gave me the heads-up that my reply had posted…and it included my email signature (so my personal name, email, phone number etc).

Not sure what could be done about it, but I thought others should know to be careful!

(Deborah ) #2

Thanks for the heads up!


@carl @richard

Just letting them know in case they don’t see your post so they can address this. Thanks for letting us all know! I’d be distressed too!


No problem; not distressed! Just wanna make sure others don’t make the same mistake. I’m sure it’s a programming thing. Hopefully easy to fix…or at least easy to add a layer of “please confirm” to a reply before it goes live?

(Heather~KWOL for life!) #5

Thank you! I would have totally replied from email :slight_smile:

(Richard Morris) #6

Thanks. That shouldn’t happen, but I remember when we first launched some hotmail users were seeing that happen. It was actually a problem with hotmail adding extra data that the software running the forums (Discourse) didn’t recognize as not belonging to the content of the message.

Can someone PM me with a link to a post that did this and I’ll get the support team at discourse onto fixing this. Thanks in advance.