Frustrated ❤

(Karla Sykes) #1

I am so frustrated cuz I’m back at the beginning. The moment I start losing weight something happens. I am back at square one

(Aimee) #2

I totally get ya!! The same has happened to me. I worked my arse off to look great and then gave up and now I have two and a half years of eating crap to undo.

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #3

Oh Karla, that stinks. Just keep trying. I had a lot of restarts, still do. The point is that overall I’ve been successful. You got this!

('Jackie P') #4

Karla, you have been through so much, don’t beat yourself up, just keep trying.
I often think about you and send good wishes😌

(Karla Sykes) #5

After I lost my son a little over a month ago honestly I didn’t want to live anymore. I have thoughts about just driving into a retention pond with my car but I did not. I love my life and I gave my life to Christ. I’m getting better and I’m healing and I’m in therapy. I never want to get that depressed again in my life. I love my life and I want to live and I want to be a healthy weight that’s why I’m so disappointed in myself. I lost over 76 now and I game 52 lb

(Jane) #6

{{{{ hugs }}}

You have been through so much. Be gentle on yourself but also remember to take care of yourself. Others still need you.

(Aimee) #7

My thoughts are with you. My Mom lost her son (My brother too) she too did not want to live. She found healing in music. Xxx

(Troy) #8

Karla, your Faith is ever so present during this time
I can see it through your hardship
Continue to rely on Him my friend

Praying right now🙂
In Your Word we are upheld and in Your arms we throw our anxieties and find safety and protection. When the world seems to press into our lives harder than we can bear, we know we are never holding on alone. Through trials and tragedies. You remind us to rely on You for strength, and not to fear. You promise to strengthen us and uphold us. With :heart:Love, Comfort and Protection!

Onward and Upward

(Deborah) #9

I know square one quite well. But this is the year to make it to the finish line with our health and weight loss goals!:smiley: