Forum navigation question


I’m pretty sure this is in the wrong place, but I’m having a hard time figuring out which comment someone is replying to in the threads.
Is there some little icon or something I’m missing that will clue me in as to who’s replying to what? The layout is just a bit different than other forums I’m used to.


There are reply icons to posters, but it’s mainly just a ‘last post (no matter to whom) on the bottom’

(Patrick B.) #3

Depends on how they reply. If they actually “reply” to the post they are posting to, it will show the author they are replying to in the upper right of their comment. If they just reply, it doesn’t. You can click that author and the forum will show the original comment just above the reply.

(Tom) #4

Like this:

Hopefully @Marshelle and @daisy don’t mind being made an example of. :smile:


Hello. You called? Lol. No, I don’t mind at all.
When someone does that you get a little notification telling you who has tagged you and here I am :wink:


No problem, I moved it to Site Feedback.


Thanks for the replies – I get it now (And for moving this to the right place.)

Now to keep my cat from eating my keto breakfast while I type…

(Marshelle) #8

:blush: Not at all!!!