Forum friends, meet Skip, who loves meat


(PJ) #1

Recently my kid got a puppy I rescued from her and then got to a foster. I was so sad despite I’d had it only a week but it was a heeler and that breed is not right for my home. It made me want a dog so much and I’d already bought everything for a medium sized dog! So I found an adult that needed rescue.

Skip is 4 years old. He is a gold lab / beagle mix.

He is the nicest dog in the world. Quiet, calm, cats rubbed noses with him. I expect to have him till the end of one of our life spans.

He acts like he thinks I have kidnapped him, which given I had to heave him into my van and then into the dog seat makes sense!

(Michael - When reality fails to meet expectations, the problem is not reality.) #2

That’s obvious from the photo. Like he’s thinking “what the hell am I doing here?” But he also looks very laid back, like he’s thinking “I don’t know what exactly I’m doing here, but so far everything seems OK. So we’ll see.”

(MavisArthur) #3

Skip is a handsome boy. I suspect good times ahead - for you both.

(Butter Withaspoon) #4

You’re gonna fall in love, if not already fallen! He looks lovely


He’s a pretty boy! :slight_smile: Be happy together for many years to come! :slight_smile:

(Polly) #6

I am so glad you have found a dog which suits your home circumstances better. I hope things work out really well for you all.

He looks lovely.


What a sweet baby!!! I’d be snuggling him all day long! LOL!

(Anthony) #8

Congrats and best of luck to you two.


How sweet! I’m sure he will be feeling right at home soon. :grinning::heart:

(PJ) #10

Me and Skip are doing good. He’s much more active now. We walk every evening. He has zero training for anything in the world… but we’ll get there. I’m feeding him baked chicken with baked carrots and potatoes. He apparently only ate the same food every day of his life – from a can and crunchy – and his palate is so inured he doesn’t like much of anything else, so there is no ‘treat’ he cares about and that makes training freaking hard. So we’re having a chicken week and next week we’ll have a beef week and so on. I’m hoping to improve his health with real meat and a variety of things. His hindquarters seemed sensitive when I got him, but he seems stronger and less bothered by it now.

REAL MEAT saves lives IMO. Saved mine!

(Anthony) #11

Cut down the size and/or frequency of his meals and use pieces of meat as his payment. If he’s hungry he’ll be glad to work for food, no matter what it is.

Chicken would be too high leverage a treat for my dog and would make it difficult for him to focus on training.

String cheese is a pretty convenient size also.

(PJ) #12

Thanks Anthony I will try that.

(Jane) #13

My puppy went wild over small duck treats.