Forbes Article: Blockchains & Meatheads (The Dudes may enjoy this)

(Kate ) #1

(Ron) #2

Nicely written article, kudo’s to the author. I do hope she continues on Keto for a little longer to get a more complete picture.:slightly_smiling_face:

(Kate ) #3

Yes, that was my thought as well- why quit now? You’re past the hard part!

(Prus Misl) #4

It would be great to create a fitness app for comprehensive data collection for AI based predictions and advices. It would be truly amazing to have one. And I’ve cane upon a great block chain platform for the potential app: D Its a mobuliGO developed by Sergey Sholom And it’s way more effective for cross-users data exchange. And the terms for developers are way better than other major platforms can offer.