Food shopping/spices - Please help

(Ivy) #1

What are the worst and best places to buy meat or fats, quality or price wise? and why

Im asking another stupid question as well:
is any meat sprayed with chemicals?
I know they were when I worked behind a deli once.

Im a newbie so please help with:
Can I have turmeric and/or cinnamon in fasting BPC?
What are the carbs in spices?

(Old Baconian) #2

We buy at the supermarket and at the large discount food stores. We tend to go mostly by price, since $11.00/lb. is not within our budget.

There are no rules to keto, beyond the basic of keeping carb intake low. The rest is all tweaks that you may or may not want to make.

If you want to know about chemicals in your meat, you should ask the shop owner about where they source their meats.

As for spices, a lot of people feel that the quantities involved are so low that they are really not a concern. Do what works for you.

(Laurie) #3

I used to love buying meat at Costco, when I lived close enough to one.

Now my only options are two chain grocery stores, both of which have surprisingly good prices (considering I’m in a small town in northern Canada).

You’ll have to learn as you go. Your decisions will depend on various things, such as budget, kind of meat you want (e.g., grass-fed vs grain-fed; organic vs regular), and so on.

You could check out local farm-raised meats. They might be sold at the farm itself, or at the farmer’s market, or at a butcher shop. You might be able to buy a pound at a time, or you might have to buy half a cow.


You can pretty much have any spices you want, everybody has different choices depending on what region you’re in but Costco and BJ’s have descent meat if you buy in larger quantities to save money. When I worked in a deli we were definitely not spraying anything, unless Boars Head was on their end. Any carbs that show in spices are going to be in ignoreable amounts. When you’re starting out the 20g number is a safe bet but it also doesn’t HAVE to be right at it either. 21g doesn’t equal something bad happening. Also for fat loss it’s fine, but once you drink a BPC you’re far from fasting, those things are a couple hundred calories if you’re making the traditional one. They’re also addictive as hell. That was a hard habit to break for me.

(Ivy) #5

Oh o.k. I thought I read they don’t break a fast – was confused over that one for awhile, cuz * know they have kcals - galore*