Fogo De Chao Brazilian Steakhouse - hidden carbs?


Does anyone know anything or have any concerns with hidden carbs in Fogo De Chao’s meat (Churrasco Experience)? I’m not familiar with Brazilian seasoning or preparation, and I’d hate to go and indulge and then realize the meat wasn’t as clean as I’d like. I’m suspecting there’s nothing to worry about, but am curious if anyone has also wondered and learned the answer.

Their Nutrition Guide only speaks of calories:


Never had a problem with any of it, but I just ballpark the meats I eat and guess the amounts. If there are any, it’s not going to be enough to matter. Just stay away from those caramel banana’s and you’ll be good! I think… I ate the damn bananas ahahahahahaha!

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I’d just keep a weather eye on the add-on condiments. Coulda knocked me over when I read the carb content in my shrimp cocktail sauce, that horseradish hid a ton of sugar. Ditto steak sauce.


Agreed. I won’t be doing any salads, shrimp cocktail, sauces, or bananas (ha!). It’s going to just be the sliced meats as-served.

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Here we have Texas de Brazil. For my birthday I received a large gift certificate to eat there and it’s been one of my favorite places for many years now.
Even before going carni I was only there for the meats. The only thing I got off of the salad bar was a little bit of cheese, prosciutto and lobster bisque. I scoff at those who come away from the salad bar with full plates of rabbit food…amateurs.

As much as I attempt to stay clean in my carnivore lifestyle I will throw caution in the wind on that one night of feasting. Any seasoning that is on the meat will be negligible in the whole grand scheme of things.

Just light the fire, burn the beast and be happy.


It may be perfect for them though. Sometimes one can’t even enjoy the meat without a bunch of super palatable juicy, crunchy “rabbit food” :slight_smile: nods I can relate to them very much, even now and I lost almost all desire towards vegs. I still adore them but on a more spiritual level, except certain circumstances. Vegs compliment meats extremely well sometimes.

It’s good if you are like this, I am hanging in the carni threads since years and not everyone can afford plants. I view things the same, a tiny extra is fine - but sadly, not for everyone.

When I finally will go to a steakhouse to try out steak (I don’t remember ever eating one), I know what sides I will choose. Eggs and bacon.
(My SO will have salad so if I really will feel the need for some, I will have the option. I won’t ruin my steak experience feeling the meat lacking without vegs. Though I would be disappointed with a steak that isn’t great alone.)

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When are going to be marketing that motto on tee shirts?
(I wear a size medium.)

(Geoffrey) #8

You really think I should?

I just may do it.


The candied bacon should be avoided as well


Oh my. That’s even more weird than caramel bananas and even my high-carber SO with a huge sweet tooth consider them extreme. He couldn’t handle the sweetness if that is as sweet as expected…

IDK what is with certain people and putting sugar into meat. It’s not a thing in my country as far as I know and I am glad of it…

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Size XXL for me, please.

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You just transferred into carnivore. you might want to take on of those Xs away!

(Bacon enough and time) #13

LOL! That’s why I asked for XXL instead of XXXL.