Foamy Urine at the beginning but then insulin resistance and blood sugar causes and symptoms

(Mike) #1

This is a weird topic, I admit, but does anybody else get foamy urine when in ketosis? I get it, particularly when I lift heavy or do interval training. After running some searches on the interwebz I have come to the conclusion that it is somewhat common. Generally, it has to do with protein being expelled in the urine but I have had those tests run and did not have an issue there. Any idea if this is ketones perhaps?

(Thomas Murphy) #2

Got the same thing. I tested for protein in urine too and had the result that I didn’t have a problem also. Maybe it has more to do with exercise dehydration and urine being more concentrated.

(Peter Segers) #3

I measure my hart rate variability (HRV) for +2 months.
These are some of the custom variables i use: “little/moderate/much carbohydrates” + “little/moderate/much foamy urine”.
I noticed following correlations

  • more carbohydrate = lower HRV, lower “low frequency” etc.
  • less carbohydrates = more foamy urine;
    Don’t eat much meat/fat and don’t follow Keto but eat a lot of diarry, don’t exercise heavy

Excel function correlations says:
Correlations between foamy urine and factor x:
correlation carbohydrates = -50%
correlation weekly HRV = -82%
correlation NN50 = -67%

Think it’s time for me to start KETO

(Iewauh Edoc) #4

I just realized what is going on with me and the source of all my problems and likely the reason for foamy urine, well most of them. At least now, I can try and resolve everything. My doctors are real idiots. When I told them I was waking up and felt dehydrated and need to pee they should have known it was related to blood sugars. I should have kept a better eye on my blood sugars myself, I was only checking fasting every now and again when I started carnivore and later moved to keto. Here’s the deal, I was way over consuming fat (energy) and I was making myself more insulin resistant and I actually just turned diabetic, probably gave myself fatty liver too.

(Laurie) #5

Thanks for letting us know. Best wishes.

(Edith) #6

What were you eating that caused you to over-consume fat?

(Iewauh Edoc) #7

double cream, cheese, cocoa butter. beef trimmings, I wasnt putting on weight so didnt see the damage it was doing to my liver until it was too late, should be able to reverse it and clear out the liver again if all goes well

(Polly) #8

There is a difference between pathological insulin resistance and physiological insulin resistance. See the work of Dr Paul Mason amongst others- link below.

By what mechanisms do you believe eating cream, cheese, etc affected your blood glucose or caused fatty liver?

(Iewauh Edoc) #9

Excessive intake, eating 3 times more than I should have been. Fat will make you fat if you eat enough.