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I am pretty effing mad.

I went to see my doctor today to ask him to order me some labs. Basically I just want to ensure my glucose is good, my thyroid is good… I just want him to check everything out so I can ensure I’m not ice skating uphill. I have been on the keto diet for about a month. It’s pretty easy to follow and Ive seen some decent results. Weight not dropping as fast as hoped so I thought I’d go get some blood work done.

He gets to asking me what sort of things I eat. When I tell him eggs, cheese, turkey bacon, meat, almonds and fats like butter and coconut oils. He looked at me and said all of that is horrible for you. What diet are you following, when I mentioned Keto he said there is no research on that diet and that I should become a Vegan… he went into his whole pitch. I was effing astonished at the nerves on this little shit. I’m 39, he was probably 25. I felt like he was recruiting me to his cult.

Needless to say I Am not switching to Vegan! I just needed to vent, thank you all for this forum… it really does have a Ton of great info. :+1:t3::+1:t3:

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I’d find a more supportive Doctor, too.

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turkey bacon? That’s where you went wrong my friend!

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I will get my cholesterol number then maybe change it up… I do love bacon :bacon:

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search this site for all the good info on cholesterol. While eating bacon :wink:

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Your diet sounds wonderful and in fact there is research on it. What research is there on the vegan diet, which is glorified politics? Oh, I know, the China Study… :frowning:


yeah…that would irritate the crap out of me, too.

If you decide to go back to this doctor, this site has studies you can bring with you, to back up the science behind keto:

Also a lot more info, if there are other questions, here:


Welcome and wow, talk about extreme reaction. I feel it was totally out of place for him to push that on you. I could understand scepticism about keto because we are used to that but surely a better approach is to run the tests alongside said scepticism so that you can show how very wrong you are going? Of course, this always ends up working in our favour :wink:

If he had just been sceptical and even tried to steer you away from keto it would be one thing but it sounds like he might be a hard one to get along with! As long as he orders the tests you want, you could maybe see it as a fun challenge to convert the vegan but if he won’t work with you then you might need to look elsewhere.

It sounds like you are pretty determined and know what you want though so good for you. Enjoy the forum. x

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I think this is regurgitated doctor speak. My boyfriend is an internal medicine doc and said that the research states vegan diet is more healthy than other diets… So, they just parrot out what they are told, and if it’s not in the “peer reviewed studies” then they just don’t trust it.

Ignore it, and KCKO. Prove to him how healthy this can be for you in the long term!

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I don’t think I could have stopped laughing long enough for him to finish.

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Surely there’s a board certified dietician somewhere ready to put in a complaint about someone giving advice on nutition so we can have another 3 year hearing and get all the facts about the healthfulness of a vegan diet or in the public domain!

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There’s a big difference between saying “I’m unaware of research on that diet” and “there’s no research”. He should know better. Depending on how zealous he is, I’d be concerned about getting the best care from him.

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I requested a new provider so we will see what happens with the next one. He did order the labs so I’ll have those next week then I’ll go discuss them with my new doctor.

I was pretty annoyed for acouple days after this encounter. I’m still astonished he tried this with me.

Lesson learned… have a good weekend everyone

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You deserve to be angry with this ignoramus. Enjoy all the anger you can muster. Celebrate your anger with a big steak!

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Your doctor is trying to kill you.

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Listen to @acrunchyfrog. This guy knows his shit!!!

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As a medical assistant and after reading the original post about what your doctor told you I find it kind of comical… go vegan ha ha Ha I have been doing keto since March 30 of this year I have put on some weight and when I met with my Doctor who knows what I do he said to me what are we gonna do about this. I told him flat out you know I don’t need to see a nutritionist. I’m going to start exercising and I’ll work on my diet. He told me he would check in with me in six weeks. We ran my labs and all were perfect. At six weeks when he checked in I had lost 16 pounds and he said good job what are you doing I told him I had bought a Fitbit and started the keto diet. He said great job keep up the good work. I truly suggest you find a new doctor or get a second opinion.