First day tracking

(beacheidi) #1

I am pretty happy with the end result of my first day tracking and actively trying to achieve a 60/30/10. I just “came out of the closet” with this on instagram. Let’s see how it flies with my trainers and real life fitness friends!


Any update @beacheidi ? Curious how this went…

Have you been able to keep it going? I had me some eggs and spinach this morning with a coffee and butter!

(beacheidi) #3

Great job! Here is today’s approximate breakdown. I need to go back and see where I can increase protein and maybe am going too far with fats. Feeling great!

(beacheidi) #4

Day 6 of tracking. Yay! Right on target. I am satisfied. Getting in my gallon of water daily. I continue to listen to the podcasts and do research. My blood sugars have been great too.

The only thing is… I made the mistake of jumping on the scale this morning. Wednesday is my weigh in day and it showed a THREE pound gain since Wednesday! Trying to look long term and not freak out. Fortunately, this was briefly mentioned in the @Brenda episode I listened to today and that calmed me down.

(Brenda Zorn IDM Educator) #5

YES. Make a Frisbee out of the scale and toss that wanker into the back yard. (I did it with a TV once. Very satisfying)
Go by how you feel and how your clothes fit.
KCKO :floyd: :zornface:

(beacheidi) #6

true confession: you know what is pathetic? the little foot pad fell off the other day and I can’t get rid of it. I used the scale at the gym this morning which is where I officially weigh in.