Finally got my ketones higher


I have two questions. I was on Keto about 2 years ago for 3 months, I lost weight, my blood tests went from bad to very very good, example Triglycerides dropped form 397 to 82, my only problem was I weighed everything and logged it into a calories nutrient program. I cannot locate that program. I seem to recall it had a bullseye in the logo or on the page. It had a huge list of foods, by brand, making it easy just click on it and add the weight. It would calculate all your nutrients, calories, vitamins, etc. Anyone know the program?
Second, I’ve been on a Carnivore diet for 28 days, it’s going great, lost weight, easy to do, eat till your full. Finally my ketones are up, to 4.8, this morning I even hit 5.8, still my glucose was 101 after an 18 hr fast over night. Any comments how high my ketones should be before I worry and skarf a carb? :slight_smile: Or about my Glucose?

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I used Carb Manager when I started keto. Check it out. Did everything you describe.
And good luck!

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I wouldn’t worry about it. If you have a functioning pancreas, diabetic ketoacidosis is not a concern.

As for the rest, just as there is an adaptation period for a ketogenic diet, a lot of people have to adapt to carnivore. Give things some time. If you’re not seeing different numbers in a couple more months, then it might be time to worry.


Wow. If I get above about 3 I don’t feel so great but we’re all different. Don’t chase the numbers though. If you are doing keto primarily for weight loss and health benefits, anything above 0.5 is fine. Higher is not “better” unless you are in ketosis for therapeutic reasons e.g. to help control epilepsy.

Your body will make all the glucose it needs through a process called gluconeogenesis. It’s not unusual to have a fasting glucose of 100 on keto, especially in the early days. Nothing to worry about.

What you will probably find, as I did, is that if you stay in ketosis for a long period, 4 months+, your ketones will drop a bit. That’s nothing to worry about, quite the opposite. It is usually an indication that your body has become well fat adapted and is only producing the ketones it needs, on demand.

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Is there a way that you can tell you have ketoacidosis? My mouth has been dry lately.


Your ketone levels don’t matter, that simple. As far as them being too high, also not a thing unless you’re an uncontrolled Type 1 Diabetic, With that not being the case, so much would have to go metabolically wrong for you to get near ketoacidosis metabolically, that it’s statically near impossible.

For the macro tracking program, it’s probably Crononmeter, which is an apple turned into a target, which is also the best one there is (not biased, I try them all).

But let’s say for the sake of argument, you didn’t like that 5.8 and wanted to lower them, the answer would be to not fast for 18hrs, not to eat carbs specifically to lower them. Even if you did eat carbs, your ketones don’t just go away, you still have to burn all the ones that you made, which would take a back seat to the carbs anyways, so really not a fix from any angle.

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If you are a Type I diabetic, just make sure you take your daily dose of insulin, and you’ll be fine. But if your pancreas is secreting insulin, diabetic ketoacidosis is not a concern. The diagnostic for diabetic ketoacidosis is circulating β-hydroxybutyrate of 10.0 or above, coupled with hyperglycaemia. Symptoms, however, generally don’t appear until β-hydroxybutyrate reaches 20.0.

The dry mouth happens to a lot of people in ketosis. It’s completely benign.


My response to many of the response made, and thanks. I am not diabetic, My only concern about my ketones is just wondering if they can be to high. (started both Carnivore and gym workouts 6/29/22) I’m feeling fine in fact yesterday, I went to the gym and had the hardest work out I have had. I added 5 lbs to 11 of the 12 machines I use. Struggle to do 10 reps, if I only make 8 or 9 and then I’ll pause and do 1 or 2 more, I do 3 sets like this. When I got done and I felt great. I went swimming today for two hours in the water, did lengths until I was tired, rested then another, did 6 of those. I’m 67 so appropriate lengths for me, but I think long for most 67 years olds. As gor eating one meal, I don’t crave for anything, I’m getting plenty of Fat, and I found very quickly that it’s no problem to eat one meal a day and not have any hunger. I used crave a carbs in cracker or chip form and eat a bag full. Hey, Cronometer was it, I checked I’m still registered. I’m feeling much more energy than I have for 4 years. Just checked, My ketones are 6.9 and my Glucose down to 85. It has been 22 hours since I ate and I did just finish an energetic swim, so… I’m felling hungry, time to fix some food.

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I just got back my blood work results. According to them, I am no longer a T2 diabetic!!! I have reversed it to ‘pre diabetic’!!! This is just amazing, I’m speechless.

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Congratulations! That is a great outcome.

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Voyager/Alex, that is fantastic! Keep going, you are on a great path.


Are you keto and what are you limiting carbs to?

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Way to go! Keep up the good work.
You got this!

(Alex) #14

Thanks! No amount of pills were able to do that, and now the doctor has me taking half of them!!
Keto is amazing!

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Yes, I’m on keto, carbs are limited to 20g, sometimes even less. I eat cucumber, a tomato a day, a raw zucchini and a few pieces of either cauliflower or broccoli.


That’s brilliant news! Well done!