Fiber or no fiber?


I think I might have to have a colonoscopy soon…I’m not looking forward to it to be honest.

Althought they say the endoscopy is even more uncomfortable.

(The old joke; as long as they put the camera down the gullit before putting it up the jacksy and not the other way round lol.)

(Chuck) #22

There are the ones that say no need for fiber. Well I say more power to them, I absolutely have to have fiber in my diet. That is why I go low carb and not keto, and my carbs are planned fiber as my digestive system screams at me if I don’t get enough fiber.


Literally rolled into the room, nurse went, “I’m going to start giving you the medicine…”

Woke up as I was being rolled out! Instantaneously in my mind.

(Peter) #24

A week without going is not unusual for me … in simple terms, and hopefully keto, what form should my fiber take? … The husks perhaps?


If you don’t want net carbs with it, there are pure fibers. I have bamboo fiber, apple fiber (it may have something else than fiber, it has a tiny apple smell and taste if I remember…) and phyllium husk. I don’t need any fiber for my health, I just use them in baked goods in small amounts sometimes.
Eating them in big amounts would be more enjoyable using plants, I personally would go for oily seeds, flax seed is especially rich in fiber and barely has any net carbs. But vegs and certain fruits may be good options for others.

A day without going is simply unheard of in my life, carnivore couldn’t change that :slight_smile: My body is stubborn.

Hmmmm… But fiber is carbs. Do people going for <20g total carbs always eat low fiber then? And that is a very common advice, being that low… Meanwhile some people need fiber… Or do they need less on keto?

(Chuck) #26

I couldn’t do true less than 20 net carbs because I am someone that has to have plenty of fiber. I am even losing more fat, and inches from my body by eating low carb and not keto. But I am also doing hat so many say isn’t necessary but I say it is the true answer and that is fasting for at least 19 hours most days of the week. I am seeing better results with a 20 hour fast and higher carbs with fiber and more calories while eating only a single meal per day and a little snack within my 4 hour or less window of eating. I am not ever hungry, I have way more energy, I haven’t had a headache in over a month which isn’t normal for me in the spring or summer.


no fiber is required in life for health. simple as that from plant sources.

yet everyone find their own eating schedule as as they do best. Keto plan, lower plant intake great…just an LC plan off more sugar intake and healing, great.

On carnivore plan one finds massive truths on what works for them and again, alot of this is who we are and what we require but one thing we know point blank is your physical body requires 0 plant fiber intake for survival.

Your mindset is stubborn. It would if one held carnivore plan all in but it might not also! . I am a carnivore once a day poop person but SO many of us go only like 2-3-4 days. Totally normal. I eat. I relieve. My morn hit the bathroom is the best and fast simple issue I ever have in my life on zc, lol, and I appaud it to no end vs. what life as for me before, :wink: Simple as that but it is me on carnivore but there are tons of others who have other timelines on relieving and how it goes down for them. See key being, on carnivore it is fine to do you but if one has a thought ‘I must’ only have this option in life then one doesn’t put pure faith in the zc plan to be changed into what their bodies need as their normal and what their guts need for total health movement forward.

No diff. then saying I must weight XYZ on a scale to be healthy or sayin’ I must eat ABC kcals to get results and function. On zc we all find our own poop health :partying_face::100: and it won’t ever be anothers but if we put restricts from our own mind into ‘I must’ do this only, then we work against what is best for us.

just a chat on it :star_struck:

(Chuck) #28

We all are different in so many ways. I have eaten only meat and ended up very uncomfortable to needing medical care. I got the same results when trying to do pure keto. So I have found my own way. It goes against many doctors and nutritionist and most other people’s thinking. But it is very much working for me.


agree but one thing is you seem to take offense that those who require full on carnivore as their lifestyle and why it works for the body thru true science form as some kind of defense you need to take on in some fashion? \

we all say do you and you did.

we know science and facts that work for others. At some point one should not keep spouting why it works for them as some kinda mantra on what it takes for others.

Key being, NO fiber is required for life body function ever.
Protein/fat is all that is required for all health to live and thrive. Meat protein obviously trumping any plant proteins cause meat gives all. Simple facts again.

I know my posts are not disssing anyone ever needing to live their life eating xyz or abc but all in carnivore is a healthy, forward all in zc plan that works for so many…or not that, then Keto type plan,or general lc works also stellar!

we are all different. It is ok to be you but allow others to be them. I am thrilled you are doing so well!! You don’t need to defend what it took for you and how well you are doing :sunny:

(Chuck) #30

If no fiber is required then why do some people, including me have to have it? I have had the DNS testing and been advised to eat more vegetables and fruits than meat and dairy. And my blood type confirms the same thing. I am by no way a vegetarian. I eat all things real food, I just don’t eat highly processed or refined so called foods. But I don’t eat grains.


just google why no carbs from plants sources and fiber intake are never required for the body for survival. the 'net will show all on this one.

Our bodies require protein/fat only. We know plant intake will never equal meat intake for all vits/mins/etc…Not one carb ever from a plant source and this is all truth and science and online easily to research and standard known truth knowedge… but as we all know our age/life/med issues/enviroment and can we ‘clean up our health thru our eating changes’ at what age and thru our deterioration can we thrive on ‘whatever eating plan’ we choose?

Real food is stellar, not a doubt on that one :slight_smile:

You are fine. You are doing you but at some point if you wanna understand what life and survival of the physical body only requires’ is on you to check the net :slight_smile:

You are you. You do fine on you not a doubt there on this one for me reading how well you are doing point blank but there is real deal science truth behind what I am saying and only thru research does one get it and full on where ‘that individual’ lies into it all.

hope that made sense to ya how I wrote it.

See one can eat some lettuce and do fine in controlled Keto plan or a general lc plan and thrive…more power to them. Lettuce/leafy greens send me reeling in the guts. This is ALLwho we are on what can we eat so just think that thru reading why thru physical body science we require 0 plant matter for survival ever then draw up what it takes for us individuals to do best on what works for each of us.

No one won’t ever saying what it takes for you is wrong but we also know thru true science the body requires not on carb intake from plant intake ever for physical survival ever. After this known knownlege then everyone does as they need and what works for them.

(Bob M) #32

You have to have it, why?

I’m on the low fiber camp. The more fiber I eat, the worse everything is.

Edit: I think if fiber makes you feel better, then eat it.

The problem occurs when they actually study fiber in RCTs, the results are abysmal. Fiber almost never has a benefit, and I can’t find the study right now, but a zero fiber group had the best results in terms of constipation and going to the bathroom, and the results were worst for highest fiber intakes.

But here’s one of many studies where fiber failed:


True but it has nothing to do with this one. I experienced no change this far (well I did, the frequency drops on low-carb for me, hence me going only once a day). I don’t CARE about this one and I feel no desire to want one style over the other. It’s a mere observation. It may change in the future, who knows? I don’t care but I will observe the change then. It didn’t happen this far.
I said absolutely nothing about other people’s changes on carnivore but I am aware they often collect a whole log, something my body doesn’t do :slight_smile: Both are normal, we agree at that.

And many people NEEDS fiber, apparently. There are plenty of such persons here, I don’;t think they lie or all are mistaken. Just because fiber isn’t an essential thing for the human body in general (if it was, everyone would have problems without it), it may be very much needed for some. Just like carbs.

(Chuck) #34

Because without fiber I stay stopped up all the time. If I don’t eat food it fiber I have to take laxatives all the time. Listen I am 75 and I do know my body and myself. I have read all of the reports, books and articles they are all fine good for some of you , but my whole family back to my great grandparents to my grand children all have the same issues. You may not want to believe it and really I don’t care.

(Luza Hazel) #35

Does being sedentary require more fiber to keep the bowels moving? :thinking:

(Chuck) #36

I require about the same. I admit that I am less active in the winter than the rest of the year. I know to adjust my food intake accordingly but I don’t notice any difference in the amount of fiber I need.

(Bacon is a many-splendoured thing) #37

Bowel movements are one of those things that are so individual that it’s impossible to get clear what’s really going on. If one is eating plant foods, one probably needs fibre to help clear it from the digestive tract. As Jason Fung says, “Carbs are the poison, and fibre is the antidote.” Carnivores and many on keto often find that fibre is either not necessary or is even detrimental to their bowel. As Dr. Fung adds, “If you’re not taking the poison, why would you need the antidote?”

Now, many people have this idea that it is necessary to move our bowel every day. It is not. The idea of “regularity” is an advertising term, devised by laxative makers to sell their product. (It’s like the advice to eat five servings of fruit a day, which was made up by Dole, Chiquita, and other fruit growers and importers.)

Many people who embark on a ketogenic diet, and especially a carnivore diet, cannot wrap their heads around the fact that less-frequent bowel movements are healthy and normal for their circumstances, because the idea of “regualrity” has been drummed into our heads for so long. Constipation is defined as difficulty moving the bowel, having to strain, or experiencing pain while eliminating. Not needing a bowel movement for a few days is not constipation, if there is no difficulty eliminating.

Moreover, all those studies of fibre and bowel health were done on a high-carb population, and there is no reason to expect that fibre would benefit someone eating a zero-carb/carnivore diet. Many forum members find that instead of helping their irritable bowel, Crohn’s disease, or what have you, fibre actually makes the symptoms worse. Eating a diet (keto or carnivore) that includes minimal or no fibre actually allows their intestines to heal, and the β-hydroxybutyrate generated helps promote the healing.

So these are some of the considerations to take in mind. If you want daily bowel movements, for whatever reason, then you may want to consume foods with fibre in them, but it remains true that there is no essential carbohydrate, not even fibre.

(Chuck) #38

Daily isn’t important comfort is.

(Laurie) #39

For me, no fiber gives the best results. But we are all different, that’s for sure.

I don’t take scientific studies too seriously. Although they’re worth a look, they have limitations, and might not be relevant to my case.

(Chuck) #40

As someone that has worked with a number of scientists on projects, I have come to realize that way too many projects are paid for by corporations that are paying for the results that they want to boost their profits. I have learned to take them all with a grain of salt and make my own decisions to what is best for me.