Fell (jumped) off the wagon


Well I don’t deserve any sympathy here. I always eat some traditional foods on Turkey Day and Christmas but usually go right back on the keto path… but no, not this year. We had family over for much longer than normal and I just blew it off. Wow, did that make an impact. I had dropped 10 pounds below my “goal” weight on keto and am now 10 lbs above it. But I will get back on the horse, track macros again (hate doing that) and in another 2-3 months be back. That said, we had an awesome holiday season and I hope you all did as well.

(Jane) #2

I bet it won’t take that long to be back where you were before the holidays as long as you can be strict and disciplined.

Best of luck!

(Laurie) #3

Thank you for the honest report. Congratulations on getting back on the horse right after the holidays. Best wishes.


An awesome holiday season is well worth 10lbs! It’s not gonna take you 2-3mo man, You’ll be back in a couple weeks.

(Marianne) #5

No judgment, honestly, just curious - was it worth it? I am terrified that if I cheated, I don’t know if/when I could ever get back.

Happy New Year!

(Laurie) #6

Include me in the terrified camp. After losing 50 pounds on Atkins, I gave in to pressure to have one piece of pie on Christmas day. I gained all the weight back, and tried many times to get back on some kind of low-carb horse. It took me 15 years. For me, that holiday treat was not worth it!

(Susan) #7

Congrats on catching yourself in time and not going too wild with the weight gain. I agree that you will get back on track and be okay, especially as you have already caught yourself in time. Don’t beat yourself up, best wishes =).


Was it worth it ? Well if I lose it in a 1-3 months yes. This was a weird year and I had a Lo more family together. We made the old traditional food and grandpa participated a bit (a lot) more than he should.

The huge amount of Collins fruitcake was my only regret. But the fudge, Chex mix, pies, etc. These are how my children and I ate for decades and it was fun to do. I could have done much smaller portions though!


The time has come to redesign the wagon?

Let me explain.

If the fall is a fallback to the ketogenic diet but with creative keto-version replacements. That is easy to bounce back from.

I’ve seen ZC carnivores lament their wagon fall, but what they ate was wholefood fruit or vegetables. To me, that’s not a fall.

So, putting in a WOE to fall on to, like putting a net around the WOE wagon, is part of pursuing better metabolic health, I think.

And social eating, especially for those that recognise, accept and can manage their food addictions, is just normal eating, as the ‘fall’ is planned, so it’s more like a ‘dive’, swim to the side, and climb out of the carb pool.


It depends how they feel. Eating a bunch of sugar is definitely a bad thing for me, it causes various problems and I am not nearly as sensitive as many.
Or if someone feels bad merely due to breaking their woe, that can be unpleasant too. But there is often a better reason.
I’ve read from carnivores so many times that even adding a little plant can cause serious physical problems so it can be much worse than just some fall. Fall means we don’t follow our chosen woe. It doesn’t mean we fall back to the worst eating style we ever did, we just went off. Eating FRUIT (and not a few drops of lemon juice or other insignificant thing to compliment our animal food) is a huge fall, it’s very far from carnivore and not eating plant carbs…

Even if we aren’t very sensitive and we are even fine with occasional fruit or something, even if we like that happening in general (therefore we doesn’t even try to be carnivores), it’s a problem if it happens too often, in too big amounts - or at a time when we don’t desire or enjoy it, just eat it because it’s there or nostalgic, totally unnecessarily. I am familiar with such things and yep, it is a mistake even if it’s just 12g orange. It can derail me a bit, worse my already not good opinion about myself, break my momentum… It rarely does but sometimes I am more vulnerable and need to be more strict for a while. And I dislike doing tiny wrong things where I get NOTHING just lose something (bad deal and definitely not hedonistic) and I tend to do them so I should avoid that as these tiny fails may get out of hand.

So it’s very individual I imagine. A little thing can be a big fail for someone and just perfect for another.

Fall or not, it’s individual too. I go off all the time but I like to call it like that, going off. I call it a fall when it’s against my wishes (even though I do it consciously… it’s a bit complicated) but what I eat then and how much (except if it’s tiny and I allow it to begin with), doesn’t matter. A fall is a fall, there are tiny and severe falls but they are all falls.

(Alex ) #11

I went off plan too, but chose not to fry my emotions by going anywhere near the scales. Rome wasn’t built in a day etc!

(Scott) #12

I put 10 Lbs. on mostly due to lots of booze and craft beer. The roasted pecans my wife makes with brown sugar didn’t help either. No stress here but a desire to start moving to my goal weight. The only path forward to that is to cut back on alcohol…if I can manage that, Wish me luck.


wonderful thoughtful full on post FB! truths need to be told and ya did just that.

It is a subtle signal of I won’t let go for my personal health.
junk food addiction, but yet I ‘can control it’ til the day you can’t. read it all the time.

but of course there are few who CAN do this and do well…ONLY time shows real truths for each of us.

I really liked your inquisitive post on knowing thyself, but then again, do you really just yet? Very interesting!


I like this in that you ‘have a trouble or a ‘good want’ you need for socialization’ during times but it is ‘not food eating related’ ----but we all know alcohol is a toxin. We all know that but it will never truly trigger that ‘food intake we fall onto’ in full force ya know…so I get ya on this Scott cause you have that control, right now. But if that booze gives that ‘mush mind’ to eat crap then yea bad LOL but if we booze it up some and hold plan truly there are way diff results we experience.

I don’t think you need luck, cause I know you know LOL now it is all about what the heck do you truly want and whatta do to achieve it :slight_smile: I know, I was right there with you :slight_smile: Got that foot right on that edge…right where you are that one step from all you want and one step into ‘the dark side’ LOL

now not sure if I called this all right but I hear ya on it!!

(Bob M) #15

It might not take you that long to get back to your weight (assuming you get back on the wagon). Some fasting will hasten the process. And most of the weight was water weight, which will come off relatively quickly.

Good luck!

(Vic) #16

I think you do deserve sympathy.

Factory, refined junkfood products are designed to be addictive. Not your fault, but you have experienced the consequences again.

So, join us at the ZC challange “No plants, smaller pants” tread. Go full carnivore for a few months.
Its fun, easy and a good way to deal with carb addictions.
Non of this counting calorie nonsense.


Mmm. Roasted pecans mmm

(Susan) #18

Happy Birthday, Alex (well belated one by the time you see this). I hope that you had a lovely day and many happy returns =).

(Marianne) #19

Oh, honey, we are kindred spirits. :pleading_face: If I could knock off the alcohol, I could drop the last 25 to get me to goal weight.

(Bacon by any other name would taste just as great.) #20

Actually, spirits are supposed to be better on a ketogenic diet, because beer and wine have more carbs. :rofl: