Fasting is raising blood sugar and kicking me out of ketosis! Is fasting even worth the trouble?



Have you ever looked into the PKD diet? (Paleolithic Ketogenic Diet) It is a specific therapeutic carnivore protocol used by a group called International Center for Medical Nutritional Intervention (formerly Paleomedicina) in Hungary to treat a variety of conditions, such as hard-to-treat cancers. There are a few threads about it on this forum with some posts from people who have bought consultations with them. One thing I remember from one of the threads is that there is a target morning glucose of 70-80 and a target morning ketones of 2-3. They start people on 400g of meat a day, with a macro ratio of 2g fat to 1g protein. If the glucose is too high they lower the amount of food. If the ketones are too low they raise the ratio of fat to protein. It might be something to look into. They have a website with some info here:

(Jane) #85

I am actually surprised that someone who has followed a keto diet as rigorous as you have for 14 months would have trouble fasting past 24 hrs.

Maybe your health issues you are trying to fix with your diet are interfering? Almost a Catch-22.

eta: Now that I understand your goal is autophagy for healing, my personal opinion is you won’t get there without some fasting. At least that is my understanding of how autophagy works from reading the studies.

I hope you figure it out!