Fasting causing me to waste food

(Karla Sykes) #1

I never thought I would have this problem but lately I have been fasting and incorporating it into my lifestyle. So I usually go to locally owned farms and if you go out into the fields and pick your own veggies right off the plant you get it at a reduced cost significantly. For example a bag of vegetables can cost you $5 on the honor System if you go out there and pick the veggies out of the field. So that’s what I usually do but I’ve been wasting food lately because of my new fasting in my lifestyle. For example I eat my first meal of the day around 2:30 or 3 p.m. and I eat my dinner at around 7:30 and I’m done for the day. So a lot of my food have been going to waste nowadays


Can you freeze your meals, or just pick less vegetables?

(Karla Sykes) #3

Yes I can in theory. And I think I’m going to just have to. I feel like if I am going to pay $5 for vegetables I may as well get the maximum amount and fill up my plastic bag but then again if I am practicing fasting then I need to be more conscious of how many vegetables I am taking.

(Allie) #4

Either pick less or prep and freeze them for later use? I tend to only buy frozen veg to avoid waste, unless it’s for my hens as they get the best fresh greens I can find :joy:

(Jane) #5

Definitely freeze.

Anyone who has had a vegetable garden knows how much work it is - especially the weeding - and come harvest time you end up with way more ripe than you can eat before it goes bad.

I freeze all the excess - sure not wasting any!


I thought you fast, like, several days… If I eat fewer meals, I just eat my food that is almost the same in fewer meals but maybe others have a way bigger change, it makes sense… It’s still a tad odd as you can’t eat really much vegetables on keto anyway…
I don’t waste food but I need to be careful when I do a longer fast, well I have an SO and 4 cats but only the former is someone who eats up nearly anything… And freezing things can help so much.
I usually eat things that don’t spoil quickly or freezing is an option (my freezer is tiny but I have other simple forms of preservation if needed).
And when I buy vegetables, I make sure I don’t buy way too much. But with my preservation methods in mind.

Eating once a day didn’t do much to my vegetable consumption but 3 meals before keto and 1 meal on keto is quite different… No problem though, vegetables don’t spoil immediately and I could handle them even living alone. But buying too much could be a problem so I don’t do that.

(Rebecca) #7

How about soup? I’m crazy about broccoli, leek, basil and cream cheese soup at the moment - after you’ve picked what you’re wanting to eat fresh, fill the rest of your $5 bag with broccoli, leeks and basil - or cauliflower (+ cheese) = HEAVEN in a soup bowl…

(Jane) #8

Soup is a great way to use up veggies. And the soup freezes better than veggies if you don’t have a vacuum sealer to prevent freezer burn.