Fasted too early, now trying to get fat adapted and I’m not sure it’s working

(Shareef) #1

So I previously posted here Exhausted and foggy brained on Keto after almost 2 months

When I started Keto at the end of December I went right into fasting with two meals a day and then after a few weeks went to one. I felt awful, very tiered and foggy brained but I wasn’t hungry at all. After two months of this I was recommended to go to three meals a day and increase my caloric intake to 2500-600 which was closer to what my intake was before he diet. It’s been about a month since I made this change and I’m still very nervous. I received a little energy boost from where I was but still not a lot, I’m still not seeing the results I was hoping for. I haven’t lost any weight since my initial 22 pounds before the change. I don’t have all this energy that everyone on Keto talks about, and I am so stressed out from things I shouldn’t be stressed about. My bowels movements (gross I know but I feel it might be important?) are hard and small which is the same they were before but now just more frequent since I’m eating more. I remember reading that was a sign you weren’t getting enough nutrients. I was thinking maybe all of this could be from my protein intake that was around 100 grams, what i didn’t realize is that I lost a lot of muscle mass from my first two months on Keto. So a week ago I decreased my protein intake down to 50-70 and also cut dairy. Carbs I have stayed the same on, 20 net and 35 total and my fat increased to 220 to get in enough calories. Now over the past two days I’m foggy brained again and super lethargic. What confuses me is I’m incredibly thirsty, very very thirsty, which I know is a sign of your body burning fat but I’m not seeing any other sign. Part of me thought maybe this is Keto flu? I keep my salt intake at two teas spoons a day and I eat plenty of leafy greens. Also the fact that I would get Keto flu three months after starting Keto seemed weird to me. All of my Keto sticks have been pink since I started in December and have never strayed. So I’m just very confused, should I just keep doing what I’m doing? I’m nervous about that because that’s what I did the first time and I was doing it wrong? I just want to make sure I’m on the right path, I’m just very frustrated after trying all of this for 3 months.

(Bunny) #2

Thought this was informative on a variable axis, it is a hard thing to pin down.

(Tessy M.) #3

How is it you know you lost a lot of muscle mass?

(Shareef) #4

I don’t feel as strong as I used to, my muscles ache very easily

(Tessy M.) #5

Those are texbook symptoms of keto flu and fat adaptation.
22 lbs lost is likely water weight, not muscle.

(Shareef) #6

It just seems strange to me I would get it three months in?

(Tessy M.) #7

Everyone adapts differently.
Make sure you are getting your electrolytes.
If you are concerned about it, consider getting a DEXA scan. You’ll know exactly where you stand.

(Shareef) #8

I’ve been getting more than enough salt, I just got Magnesium tablets and started off with one 250 dose, so I’m hoping that will help. I do hope this is the keto flu, maybe that means I’m finally getting fat adapted after all this time!

(Alan Williamson) #9

If you are tired, it tends to be caused by 2 things. One is low electrolytes. You can put a pinch of salt on your tongue and let it melt. Literally in minutes, you will perk up. The other is that your body is in some gluconeogenesis. The body is using protein to create glucose. When the body does this, urea accumulates in the kidneys. A person will feel exhausted. You might try a supplement: L-Carnitine. L-Carnitine will enhance fatty acid metabolism. Good stuff!

To lose weight, the key is insulin. When you first started, you basal insulin level was high. Every time you eat, insulin is used. If you were like me, I was eating every 2 hours, 6 meals a day. I was hungry all the time. My insulin was high all day. Then I changed my diet to low insulin, keto. The weight just dropped off. The basal insulin level was low. Today for me to lose weight, I have to fast 3 times a week for 36 hours (a whole day, no food). Anything less is just maintenance mode. The key is being consistent. OMAD works too.

(Lynn) #10

How are you doing Shareef? I’m curious and interested because i’ve been doing keto for a little over 2 mths and have had brain fog the entire time…with the exception of 2 days where my brain felt AMAZING! I cant figure out what i’m doing wrong! My job is even suffering because i’m literally dumb as rocks right now.
I’m wondering if i’m just not fat adapted. I have a keto blood monitor and i’m in and out of ketosis everyday…so i’m thinking thats the problem. Cant figure that out either when I eat the same damn stuff everyday!
Did any of the advice work for you?