Fallen off the wagon, run over and lying in a gutter covered in candy wrappers


Words to live by :facepunch:


look foreward to a cheeeet meal once a week.
somtimes i do chocolate eclairs, cuz im NOT DIABETIC!
As that could really mess w me.
i am an X sugar addict.
Keep Ketoing, and the cravings lessen!

(Serge Blais) #45

The way I see this, it is a learning experience.
Learn how you react to food, and how food will work with (or against) you. Personally, I found out that I was leptin and insulin resistant. So I basically never felt full and I used to stuff my face in carbs. I know that now, I’m very reactive to sugar (and alcool) so it gets processed even faster and the addictive rush is even bigger than before. So with my personality, I know, that if I start having sugar, that day is done. But I am also fat adapted (keto for a year, 80 lbs lighter), so I can fast for a few days without too much trouble even after a high carb day, to correct the course. I also know that it can’t happen to often. I need at least 2 weeks to get back to metabolic self on low carb.

In short, know yourself, learn the science, and go with the flow…
Best of all, enjoy life!

(Margaret Stewart) #46

I agree with the bacon and eggs, and also fill up on beef, it will be much easier to resist temptation because you won’t be hungry. Load up on fat and protein!

(John M. Bradley) #47

One of the best ways that I found for managing temptation during the holidays is to bring my own food that I can eat to parties. Eating at home is not generally the problem, it’s eating at other people’s houses when I’m invited over for an occasion. Offering a side dish such as a meat and cheese platter or prosciutto wrapped asparagus is seen as a gesture of gratitude for the invitation instead of saying, “I can’t eat your food”.

Also, if people know you have food restrictions, they will often accommodate or they’ll accept your offer to help him preparation.

This also helps to regulate my appetite, so if I do cheat, I don’t go overboard. I might still have that 1/4 cup of stuffing or cranberry sauce.


I love that I am not the only one struggling!!! But I’m sorry that you are. I started eating Keto June 30th. The first 20 pounds just fell off almost overnight. The next 5 have been 1 calorie at a time, slow as molasses, a drip in the glacier, etc. Halloween is not a temptation to me because my kids are all grown and where I live there are no kids so I haven’t had to buy candy for over 10 years (yea!). As Thanksgiving was my first major holiday I was worried about how it would go. I was determined to eat what I wanted for that day only, but just how was I going to accomplish this. I chose to be proactive with a before Thanksgiving fast. This may not be for everyone but I fasted from Sunday night after supper to our Thanksgiving meal at 2pm on Thursday. I ate everything I wanted, which turned out to be 1 meal and 1 slice of pie about 2 hours later. By that time I was too full to shove in another bite and I attribute that to the fasting. On Friday, I fat fasted (bacon, eggs, cheese). On Saturday and Sunday I fasted again. By Monday I had lost the water weight and went back to a Keto diet. I won’t say it was super easy, but it worked for me. During the pre-Tday fast I just kept thinking about what I was saving up for. Being in Ketosis definitely helps get you through multi-day fasts, but I have also found that having an extra fatty meal as the last one before a multi-day fast really kicks it off.
I also agree with the “don’t beat yourself up” philosophy. Hang in there–you can do it!

(Alijim) #49

I’ve only cursed at deserts and never even thought about carb dishes just in general. You’ve opened my eyes!

(squirrel-kissing paper tamer) #50

It’s a useful strategy, especially at parties.

(M) #51

I agree. I wasn’t successful in this way of eating until I acknowledged I was an addict. I tried moderation at the advice of the well-meaning only to fall off the wagon for months (and years) at a time accompanied by shame and depression and a feeling of being too weak. Sugar is a dangerous drug for me. And I’m a freakin strong person!

(Always take time to stop and eat the bacon) #52

Bingo, in my case, too. :+1:

(Thurston ) #53

@mmalmgren moderation is a word that’s not in my dictionary… I wish someone could help me with that!

(Laurie) #54

@DAB, me too. I find that it helps to pre-plan and measure what I’m going to eat, e.g., “My first meal of the day will be 3 eggs and 2.5 ounces of cheese. My second meal will be 8 oz of beef.” As long as I’m getting enough nutrition/macros and not feeling hungry, I’m good.

But to just pull out the frying pan and start cooking and eating–that leads to overeating, because I have trouble with my off switch. And as I’ve mentioned before, overeating makes me hungry. I used to eat about 3 times as much meat, etc., as I do now, even when I was low carb.

(Thurston ) #55

@islandlight ahh yes. The broken off switch… my wife mentions it to me frequently.

(Always take time to stop and eat the bacon) #56

I’d love to help, but first I would need to have some idea what language that word is from. . . :grin:

(betsy.rome) #57

YES, this. This, for me, is what the Ketogenic Forums, and a couple of the FB groups, are. Hello, my name is Betsy, and I am a food addict. Hello Betsy. Thank you, all of you.