Fall off the wagon

(William P Pochis) #1

if a person fell off keto and took in a lot of carbs but immediately goes back to keto will they go thru the big struggles like in the beginning?

(The remembrance of bacon past.) #2

It entirely depends. My experience is that, even if it’s not enough carbohydrate to kick me out of ketosis, I often regain the aches, arthritis, and bloat that keto took away, and sometimes it takes a couple of days before I feel better again. The other effect depends on the type of excess carbohydrate: if it’s broccoli, or salad, or something of that ilk, I don’t get extra cravings. On the other hand, grains, processed food, and most especially sugar can ramp up my cravings for non-keto food astronomically, much as even a small amount of alcohol can trigger an alcoholic to go on a drinking binge.


It’s surely individual. I never had struggles when I finally went keto (I stopped it on day 1 when it was hard when I tried it too soon after my carby times, I refuse to suffer) and coming back (after fat adaptation as I didn’t break keto in the first months) is always great. If I feel bad (usually because of too much carbs), keto heals me. If I am fine, I still get benefits. I don’t have cravings, most of them disappeared before keto on low-carb or right at the beginning of keto. I have some desires sometimes but it’s more about tempting nostalgic food I ate ages ago than me being out of ketosis at the time. And if I am determined, I have a very easy time mentally but if not and I am surrounded with tempting food, that’s way harder (well, not harder, I fail then without determination). Maybe it doesn’t help, sorry.

I would think a single day does less harm but it can still mess up things for some people. Either way, coming back asap is your best bet and even if it’s tough again, you already have some experience… And the knowledge you can do it for some time.

(Michael - Don't expect miracles and you won't be disappointed.) #4

Depends how long, how much and to some extent what carbs, all of which vary individually. If you’re just starting keto then one day or even a one meal carb ‘pig out’ can undo days of good affects of keto. Once you’re at least somewhat fat adapted, one meal or even one day won’t be such a big deal. How difficult and/or how severe the symptoms of carb withdrawal you went through initially to some extent suggest the effects of going off keto and then returning to the program.

(Katie the Quiche Scoffing Stick Ninja ) #5

Not when you are fat adapted, in my opinion.
Before that, yes.
But even when fat adapted, you still crave carbs, it’s just a bit easier to get back on the horse.
I can ingest 300g of carbs on a Sunday, and be back into Ketosis 2.5mmol by Tuesday.