Facing Weight Loss Plateau



Hi Folks,

I hope you all are doing well and staying safe.

I’ve been following the keto diet since last 3 weeks and I’ve observed a considerable amount of weight loss in these last 3 weeks. But, since the last week, my weight is stalled and I am facing a weight loss plateau.

Can I get some suggestions/advices to get over it? Should I consider modifying my current diet? Should I opt for refeed days because I’ve read, weight loss Plateaus can be a result of low leptin levels and boosting up leptin levels with carbs can again put you on track for weight loss but I fear that consuming carbs might kick me out of the ketosis. Can you guys please shed some light on these topics?
Your help is appreciated !


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The phrase “keep calm and keto on” springs to mind.
You don’t lose weight in a straight line just as you don’t gain it like that either so you will experience stopping and starting after the initial water weight loss that you have experienced.

Until its been about 3 months with no weight loss you haven’t really “stalled” either your body is just taking a brief rest and healing itself. Stay the course and you’ll be fine.

How much have you lost so far and how much do you have to lose?


Hi Mark, I’ve lost around 10 so far and I still have around 40-50 to lose.

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In the meantime you’ll still be getting all the other benefits…

Also have you taken body measurements… waist ,chest etc because sometime you can lose inches without losing pounds…

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Agree with Mark here. It’s not a sprint but a marathon. The long-term trend over months is what really matters, not a given period of a few weeks. That said, it’s hard when you want to see fast results. Many of us have been there.

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You took years to get where you’re at. The good news is it won’t take years to get back to normal again. The not so good news is that excess weight/fat is symptom of metabolic dysfunction and from time to time fixing other stuff will take priority to losing it. And the end result won’t necessarily be what you had hoped or wished it to be. But it will be your ‘new normal’ and a far healthier place than where you are now. As noted, a ‘stall’ or ‘plateau’ is a matter of months not a few weeks. Keto is not a fast weight loss program, it’s a lifestyle change - you’re either in it for the long term or wasting your time. :+1:


Not loosing weight for a week isn’t a stall, and a plateau is many weeks without loss, you’re expecting too much too fast.

Are you tracking what you’re eating now? Do you have set macros you’re going by? If not it’s hard to modify. There is some truth to carbs breaking stalls and getting fat loss running again, I don’t know how/why that works but I’ve done it enough and read of others doing it with the same results so I know it does, just doesn’t make sense how really. You will absolutely come out of ketosis when you eat a bunch of carbs, that’s the whole point.

Give us your stats, what your current weight and goals are, and a sample of how you’re eating, maybe we’ll see what’s wrong. Also, how active are you?


3 weeks isn’t even enough time to produce a stall… You lost a lot, it’s NO stall. Not losing ANY for 3 weeks isn’t a stall either.
Be more patient and it’s the beginning, you learn new things, don’t worry about tweaking your diet yet if there is no need…

No, we don’t do carby days to help fat-loss, where did you read that? Especially don’t do that before you reach fat adaptation.
You barely started! And you are even losing fat! Keep at it.


I suggest you visit Amy Burger’s website. She is very informative and has written some very good books, one with Dr. Westman. : She addresses too much fat in your keto diet among other helpful topics. She also has a youtube channel that is helpful. She is on tons of keto/lchf podcasts as well. A sane voice in a field that often has a lot of crazy stuff.



I would say, if you’ve only been doing this for three weeks not to worry about such a thing. What you initially lost was probably water. I am four weeks into keto now and on my first week I lost 3 kilos, that was all water loss. I’ve actually gained a kilo back since then, but this is of no concern as one’s weight will normally fluctuate 2 to 3 kilos. If I were you I would not weigh myself that often, but maybe every second or third week. Rather take some progress photos and keep a progress journal. I know this is probably not what you want to hear, but things don’t happen over night or over just a few weeks. My favourite t-shirt has a slogan: good things take time. It’s so true. With patience you’ll get there :slight_smile: