Eye booger alert

(Robin) #1

I had been wondering why I’m suddenly waking up with crusty eyes. Then I just now saw an old post about oxalates dumping after going carnivore. I read the threads. Eye boogers! So…. Yay?

(Carnivore for the win) #2

I experienced lots of, what I suspect was oxalate dumping, after starting carnivore. There was inflammation, eye crusties, and skin issues. It lasted a little while, but bounced back so much better.

(Robin) #3

Thanks Elliott! Good to know. No skin issues so far. Although I can probably talk myself into some. LOl

(Carnivore for the win) #4

I had been eating a lot of oxlate heavy foods during keto, especially leading up to my cutting out plant foods entirely. So mine may have been at the extreme end of the oxalate dumping scale, if such a thing exists.

(Robin) #5

I admit I don’t even know what oxalates heavy food would be. Confession: I am not great at reading the details at all the wonderfully researched and explained information on here. If the source is reliable, I take the conclusions and run with them.

(Carnivore for the win) #6

I can’t remember how I came across oxalate dumping. I think it was Kevin Stock. He has some good guides regarding carnivore, meat health, and plant dangers. I do remember joining an oxalates group on Facebook to get more references and information, but can’t recall what group. Mostly I did research on oxalate rich foods, and signs of high oxalates in the blood. It seemed to point to my issues after starting carnivore. This was in late 2019.

(Tammy) #7

I’m not carnivore but I had eye boogers also. After two weeks, I went to the doctor and got eye drops. I also used a hot washcloth and held to my eye. After two weeks, I think they are gone, but I am still doing the eye drops and hot water.

Mine was only in one eye . . . so I didn’t think it was a diet issue. Why only one eye if it was?

(Robin) #8

Who knows? it’s also possible that my current issues are allergies. Seems everything in nature is shedding right now. I also use drops and a damp warm washcloth feels sooo good.