Extremely terribly sleepy after meals

(Robin) #21

I had bad diverticulitis pre-keto. After I eliminated so many foods, it was easy to identify which ones triggered a flair up. Unfortunately it was any vegetable that wasn’t cooked to mush, and most nuts. I love both. But I walked away and it’s been almost 2 years now without any issues.

Pay attention to what you have eaten the days before, and especially to things that require really good chewing, like nuts (I gave them up too).

Good luck. I honestly believe your body can help you figure out how to beat this, or at least eliminate the painful episodes.

(Omar) #22

Thank you very much for the post

I have spent years and years trying to figure what is the culprit food causing my colon pain.

The issue is the time delay (In some cases few days) between cause and effect .

The slippery green vegetables and high sulfur containing vegetables are by far the worst.

nuts can relief the pain immediately but it will cause more pain tomorrow. So I am avoiding them.

Now vegetables like Lettuce and the like, and cucumber when I put them in the blender with lemon, I get mixed results from time to time, but always and consistently delay my bowl movements.

In so many attempts to try carnivore diet (Eliminating all fibers) It worked only one time for some reason. I was not able to repeat that experience no matter how hard I tried.

I ignored my self because I felt hapless for the past few years (When I was away from the forum. Ignoring means not trying to find the source of the pain but was still on keto most of the last three years)

Now since I am back to the forum I am carefully experimenting with the fibers/avoiding fibers and I am hoping to reach a verdict in few weeks.

This forum is so great and I find advices like yours are so accurate and I am really appreciative for people who are willing to help even when I do not reply sometimes.

(Bob M) #23

Look into the GAPS protocol. It’s by Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride. I’ve listened a podcast where she was interviewed (Peak Human with Brian Sanders), and also he interviews people (Mary Ruddick) who used her protocol to correct severe MS and other diseases.

It’s similar to carnivore, but comes at things from a biome standpoint. So, the diet could be making soup (which somehow is different from stock/bone broth; not sure how) and eating only that for a while. Or combining that with meat and selected veggies (though you might want to go hardcore for a while and introduce veggies later).

Now, I’m not saying this will be a cure or even that’s she’s correct in her diet, but it could provide another option to try, as it seems like you’re running out of them.

(Kirk Wolak) #24

I second the GAPS protocol.

But Dr. Chaffee points out that MANY people MUST do a month or 2 on meat, salt, water.

Zero coffee/ teas. Absolutely zero sweeteners.

In my Levers post, I mentioned that I got super clean, and tested one food a week on Mondays. You can often see your BP rise quickly. Judy Cho uses your pulse, after chewing… and spitting it out if your pulse rises.

This makes the Key Point…
Listening to our bodies MIGHT REQUIRE using more than our ears.
I am going to try the pulse thing after my current 8 wk challenge is up!

(Omar) #25

I believe in what you mentioned here including the heart beat thing.

The carnivore is a MUST.


ok lets get a ‘bit sciency’ here with real facts.

Yes, diverticula are in our digestive tract but ‘they are normal’ and not ‘an issue’ when healthy…our digestive tract does have normal pouches and they are called haustra. However, these are not the pouches that are affected when you have diverticulitis. Diverticulitis happens when your digestive wall begins to weaken and an unnatural pouch is created in your tract.

This happens thru inflammation and that is thru food intake for a person thru ‘whatever’ food is their culprit.

ONLY way to gain back a healthy gut is elmination menu of all.
and yea, it is ZC menu point blank. We drop all plants, drop all sugar or fake sugar subs and drop everything but meat animal proteins.

Now key being this can show us alot of things, but this can take easily up to 3 mos. of on plan to ‘heal a bit’ before ‘adding back’ what ‘might be the culprit’ that is causing inflammation of the guts so —

and then we got who are ya before, how sicky icky before, age on being sicky icky and lifestyle and stress in life and more…

so key being, OFF ALL is key to heal first and repair and the ‘guts come into play kinda quick here’ but your body WILL NOT heal all guts on ANYONE’s person want of that timeline, so it could be 4 mos or more easily up to 6 etc for each of us to find our personal healing and ‘then’ if we add back, we learn truly for what it takes on food intake for each of us.

also we ‘can get very worse’ as we dump it all and go full on ZC elim. menu cause we have to adapt/adjust/ toxins leaving body and body is in ‘its own shock to heal’ now vs. just surviving so it can effect even worse as we dump the old and come into the new.

it ain’t an easy walk but it is full on commitment to change and find us in the process but we can never find us IF WE don’t give it BIG time usually and most will never do just that.

so ‘a flare up of diverticulis’ is ONLY cause the inflammation from food intake will not let the body heal that issue of the gut in distress, so the ‘pockets’ of inflammation are formed bigger and then the ‘fiber or seeds’ or ‘chunks of food’ then get ‘caught’ into those inflamed pouches and one can go into very bad issues with this medical bad. When one gets food ‘trapped in those pockets’ and inflammation is worse and then the bacteria builds and then one has ‘big attacks of divert.’ and damn one can go down fast on it for sure.

I researched this to the hilt cause hubby has been ‘diagnosed’ with divert. and he has and will have this issue. that is not for me ‘to fix’, I tried, didn’t go well HAHA

So key being cart before the horse. Elimination menu of ZC diet heals and changes back to normal health but could take a LONG time for this and ya still gotta get thru adaption which could make guts worse a tad while this goes down but in the bitter end, IF ONE wants real changes and real health, you put in this time and THEN ADD back every SO slowly and real fast one ‘gets in’ on what works for the body/guts or doesn’t but again…big time is required for real health and healing and steps come into play but again, many will never do this but ‘some might’ and those that do! heal long term!

ok just some general chat on it all from what I read up on and how this all goes down

(Robin) #27

This is exactly how and why I ended up carnivore. When I started eliminating foods, it was easy to see what gave me flair ups of diverticulitis. Now, here I am carnivore.


yea it can be a long walk of wondering whys we are getting hit with in our lives, but darn if it don’t take a long darn walk for alot of us to discover what we require…so happy you found you :slight_smile:


I had a similar experience earlier this year for a couple of months. Started feeling sleepy after evening meals and just couldn’t keep my eyes open and ended up falling asleep for 10 to 30 mins. At first I just put it down to fatigue after a bout of COVID. However I did a bit of detective work once I started to get a few other symptoms like dry hands and concluded it might be a folate / folic acid deficiency. I bought some supplements and after a week or two the problem completely resolved itself. Taking a B vitamin complex seems like a good idea as folate needs B12 to work properly (according to what I read).
Hope this helps.