“Extra virgin” cod liver oil

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What do you think of this ?

Secondly, would this be a way to add extra fat to the diet that wouldn’t cause reflux or indigestion? I wouldnt want to overdo vitamin a but I tend to have low retinol levels.

(Marion) #2

I don’t know this oil brand…but stopped taking my very pricy fish oil supplements due to a study that found oxidation in all brands, with no exceptions based on price…

Omega 3 oils are subject to rancidity apparently, so I would check carefully before eating it.

I used to buy cod liver packed in cans in cod liver oil but haven’t seen it for awhile, maybe due to the war in Ukraine, I think it was Russian. I’m now getting cod liver packed in cans with extra virgin olive oil and I pour off the oil.

Let us know what you discover and good luck!

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It was strong…very strong. I am pescatarian and couldn’t tolerate it. This is the only fish oil supplement I’ve ever taken though. I’m not sure if it is supposed to taste like that. I eat canned cod liver a lot and the oil tastes like nothing. I sometimes wondered if it was vegetable oil but it says canned in its own oil (I eat Ican brand).

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Castor oil and cod liver oil were never fun for the kids who were dosed with them. But as their mothers would say, “How would you know it was good for you, if it didn’t taste bad?”


I have almost the same experience. It isn’t tasteless but close. I just cooked with it as I need to do something with the stuff already, I ate the liver (super delicious and too easy to eat) days ago.
We can still buy it, no problem.

I never understood why cod liver oil is considered bad when it has barely any taste and the cod liver itself is great. Oh well. I never needed the stuff, I ate lots of other food. I buy this pricy thing for pure enjoyment :slight_smile: The oil alone would be meh but still better than gelatin or collagen peptid, that’s foul (and I don’t even hate it as much as my SO).

Of course, tastes differ but to this extent…? No, I suppose the thing that kids got was really bad somehow.

So good I never got it :smiley: It would have make no sense to me as the edible things allegedly or really good for me were almost always quite tasty too :wink: But I wasn’t a problematic child to feed, that’s sure. I loved nearly everything.

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I just wanted to ask if anybody else has tried a raw cod liver oil and how it tasted. The Rosita is supposed to be very natural, raw and healthy but it was so unbelievably strong. Is it rancid or is that how raw cod liver oil tastes?

I haven’t tried any other brands, and the only other times I’ve had cod liver oil was the cooked in a can type which like I said, had almost zero flavor.

Just wondering if anybody can help me out. I don’t want to eat something rancid. Rosita gets so many good reviews, I am wondering if it is just that I’m not used to the raw oil.

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Wow! not cheap is it :flushed: … I do use a spoon a day, quickly followed by a notch of chocolate lol. But a much less expensive version