Exhausted and foggy brained on Keto after almost 2 months

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For me it’s like not being hungry very much, but n=1. I clearly didn’t eat enough yesterday because I skipped lunch because I was on the XBONE and not hungry, then only had a steak by itself for dinner :wink:

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This is not a fat-adaptation marker I’ve come across before :slight_smile:

Also, that’s LOT of water. You need to be careful you’re not leaching essential salts, etc, out as a result.

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I don’t understand why you’re trying to flush ketones? As you become more fat-adapted you’ll just use them better, but they’re not something you need to actively work to get rid of.

Sure, it’s important to be well hydrated, but you don’t want to over do it. I’m not saying you are doing that, mind, I’m just mentioning it as a thing to beware of, as a lot of people don’t realise it can be a thing. In that situation, I’d also be looking at seeing if you need to be using some supplements in your water to ensure you’re not leaching out too many of the essentials. But I’m not a doctor, not even close to one.

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OK, well, now you can stop worrying about that :slight_smile:

And start worrying about maintaining good levels of essential elements :slight_smile:

Drink when you’re thirsty, or can feel you’re heading that way.

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Well, that sounds good, sodium is a difficult one to keep up at times.

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I hate the smell of coffee, so that sorts that out. (Which is an issue when you live in Melbourne, it’s the coffee capital of the world.)

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Because you’re thirsty or because you think you need to?

If you’re thirsty, drink. If you’re not, don’t.

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Several people have mentioned the mosquitos staying away when they are fat-adapted. Guess I’m not fat adapted because I am covered in bites.

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The water can dilute what the pee sticks tell you, but those are worthless anyway. The water isn’t going to affect your ketone production and use (at least as far as I know). It will, however, throw your electrolytes out of whack.

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If you’re not eating carbs, ketoacidosis isn’t a concern. That happens with SUPER elevated ketones AND blood glucose.

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:rofl::rofl::rofl: you’re blaming the effect for being the cause. Don’t drink so much and you won’t have to pee all the time.

When I was diabetic I was thirsty ALL the time, and always had to pee. As in, I’d feel the urge while still walking out of the bathroom.

When you first start keto, it’s important to stay hydrated because your body is going through a LOT of rebalancing, but once you settle in, you don’t need as much water. A significant amount is needed for processing carbs, remove the carbs and you don’t need as much.

Just like you can trust your hunger and satiety signals once you’re eating what humans are designed to eat; you can trust your thirst signal. Water is ESSENTIAL for survival, so your body is very good at signaling when you need it. If you’re not thirsty, you don’t need water.

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Yeah, but that was from people who are wrong, so just forget it :slight_smile:

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It’s absolutely true that for most of our time on earth, we probably didn’t have much dairy beyond nursing from mama, but the concept that we are/were vegetarian as a species is vegan dogma that goes against every piece of evolutionary evidence we have.

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It can take a while, and depends a lot on how metabolically deranged you were when you started. As long as you’re keeping the carbs low, you’re on the right track

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Depends on how much peanut better, but unless it was the whole jar, probably not.

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Basically how insulin resistant you are. Insulin resistance sets in LONG before T2D or pre-diabetes, so a lot of people have major issues and don’t know it.


I can assure you I am fat adapted and I have some big ass skeeter bites on me right now. Those buggers are feasting on me while I sleep

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I’m covered with the late summer mosquitoes.


:frowning: I feel your pain. I think a dinosaur mosquito bit me. It is HUGE. I was scared it was a recluse spider or something. But I woke up with 2 more today.

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Last year was not nearly as bad. Normally I can “hear” mosquitoes. There is a rumor in SoCal that there is a new breed of Mexican mosquitoe that is tiny and makes no noise. I can only conclude the rumor is true. My neighbor said “Oh My God, what happened to your legs?” The last time I was bitten this badly I was six years old and went Back East for the summer.