Exercise necessary?

(Kellie) #1

I dont currently exercise or work out, I know on keto it’s not necessarily important to always count calories but I feel like since I live such a sedatary life that maybe I am eating too many calories? I’d say probably 1300 to 1400 a day, I am a 24 year old female and I have lost already 38 pounds but would like to ideally lose maybe 15 or 20 more and I’m wondering if exercising would shave off some calories or boost my metabolism or do something . I wouldn’t say I’ve plateaued it’s just things are going slower and I would like to have a little boost . I do intermittent fasting although I don’t always stick to it, I try to eat from 6 AM to 3 PM but sometimes when I get home from work I end up snacking on keto friendly food of course but still I feel like I fail because I end up eating when I shouldn’t be it’s really mostly out of boredom . Would going for an hour walk after work be helpful?

(Troy) #2

Sure. Try walking?
For me, once that boredom sets in. Take maybe a pinch of salt. Curb that hunger itch or belly gurgle

Then yes
Take a nice walk :smile:
I walk just about every night
Works for me

At some point you can maybe incorporate some type of weight or resistance training
Before, during, or after ur walk

Good Luck

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Hi Keillie and well done you. Short answer is yes go for a walk.

I have never been one for exercise myself, but after going keto for my T2D. I now exercise regularly. My brain and my body conspired to get me to exercise, You think it’s your own idea but one day you wake up and you just feel like exercising and you do!
It just happens that way for lots of people.

I think possibly you may be at this point in your journey.

I would also say stop beating yourself up about keeping to the rules! The whole point is, this is not a one size fits all but bespoke tailoring to your bodes needs and now you can hear what your body is telling you it wants.

As for fasting, unless your doing it for medical reasons I would go to a 8/16 split then you can’t break any rules! and count the hours you are sleeping in the 16 bit as your not eating then are you so it counts.
I do a 8/16 split but only because I need to reduce insulin production for my T2D.
If I were you I’d be less concerned about fasting.


The lowest recommended caloric intake for women is around 1,200, you may be slowing your materialism down to much?

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My understanding is that excersize isn’t super helpful for weight loss, but has many many other benefits. You may even gain weight if you gain muscle, but measurements go down. If excersize prevents boredom eating, that’s a big benefit. Also for brain health.

I’ve lost almost 40 lb and am getting close to my goal. I’m just now adding excersize for the other benefits, and hopefully to tighten up my belly a bit. My goal isn’t supermodel flat belly, but hopefully my kindergarten age students will stop asking if I’m pregnant. (Those of them who don’t think I’m a man because I don’t wear cutsie clothes and have short hair.)

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(Sam H) #6

Yes exercise. It’s good for you according to Health Harold (if you’re an Aussie). But he taught me the good period too…

(John) #7

Necessary? No. A great idea? Yes.

There are lots of simple muscle toning and strengthening exercises you can do at home with no equipment and nobody to watch. Look up “bodyweight” exercises on YouTube or Google. Things that work your abs and core (situps/knee raises, planks, bridges, pushups and their variants) are all good overall. Might as well have some muscle definition to show once the fat is all gone.

Walking is a great for general health. All it requires is some shoes and comfortable clothes, and the outdoors.

Based on my weight, I burn about 300 calories from a 2 mile walk. If I do that 5 times a week, and change nothing else, I am using up 1500 calories a week. It may not be a huge amount, but if there is any validity at all to the old 3500 calories = 1 pound equation, over 1 year that would add up to 22 pounds. Plus I would be overall healthier and have more endurance.

(Frank) #8

I think you’ll find that you’re ability to perform exercises now at 38 lbs less, is much easier and enjoyable. And yes, exercise can help break a stall if you were sedentary before.

(charlie3) #9

In case it hasn’t been mentioned already, activity/exercise helps preserve muscle mass while dieting. Depleting muscle energy means there is a place for glucose to go besidesfat cells.

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Another benefit :slightly_smiling_face:

(Bob M) #11

Be advised, though, that scale weight might go UP when you start exercising. Or at least I’ve gained scale weight due to exercise.

(Sam H) #12

I do a small group exercise class out of my bjj gym but his approach is improving your overall movement patterns. While it might not be “healthy” or “unhealthy”, I like the idea of being able to move comfortably in my own skin. I suspect he is working towards handstand push-ups (I accuse him of it it no confirmation) but the idea of being able to swat right down to the group alludes many people who don’t move enough…so if putting on shoes and socks involves a shoehorn, I’d say you need to move.

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That! My thoughts exactly!
I used to hate exercise, though of it as a punishment for how my body worked on “carbage” and CICO was my mantra…Now on Keto totally different story. Now l want to exercise cause it makes a me feel fit, strong, healthy and capable! Plus l’v never felt and looked better in my life.
So if you feel like it, make yourself a favor and move your body for the health benefits and the pleasant surprise is that you might improve so many other issues like how you feel and how you look ( first superior to the second).

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I know right! Plus, not sore afterwards like when I ate carbs.

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