Exercise and weight gain: stop worrying


I started searching to see if exercise is counterintuitive to keto and apparently so.

I play recreational tennis in a league. I have noticed that the days I practice or play, my weight is up the following day or I noticed I do not lose weight. I typically play 5 days a week.

I have noticed as well that the days I play I eat the same calorically as the days I do not play, but I typically burn about 500-700 calories on play days and I generally consume about 1600-1700 calories. I generally do not eat more to compensate for the deficit. Should I?

By not eating to compensate for the exercise expenditure am I just low carb and harming my metabolism?

I am 4 weeks into keto WOE, a 53 year old woman. I find my endurance has increased and my mental clarity while playing is amazing. I do not tire the way other woman do. I love this! Just want to ensure I am eating enough so that I can continue to lose weight and I am not resetting my metabolism at 1000 cal per day.

How I drew this conclusion is that I traveled for 5 days last week and I started losing weight, even though I was eating out. I did not exercise while I was away other than walking.


(Courtney Finley) #22

I’m so glad I found this!! How long does it take for your body to get use to the exercise? I did a beachbody workout and holly cow Its 3 days later and I hurt so so bad. Im not quitting. I want to workout again today I’m just not sure if I should?

(Erinn Marie) #23

Thank you! This is EXACTLY what has been going through my head the last week! Also, LMAO at your commentary!

(Sarah Slancauskas) #24

Thank you for this reminder. I really needed this point refreshing in my brain. It’s funny how seeing the scale number climb slightly can throw your thinking despite knowing that it’s lean muscle gain your seeing represented, not fat. I train with 60 minute HiiT using 2x 5-8kg dumbbells 5 days a week and want to build muscle yet when I see my weight increase a weird panic sets in. Totally illogical. Thanks again for the reminder to calm down!

(Amanda ) #25

Great post. I am going to put my scale away into a very hard to reach spot and see if I can start using it once a month instead of every day! LIES!

(cheryl) #26

Loved reading this, although the scale doesnt say exactly the same thing it did in February 2018, it isnt that much lower now but I am enjoying little things like walking the dog and parking farther away and walking a bit – and the best result has been a recent A1C of 5.9 yeehaa


Lard! Have mercy! Are you talking about me here…!!!
Thanks, I needed to hear/see/read this today.

(Jacob Dueholm) #28

Oh dear Lord, I’m happy to hear this.

After being in keto for eight weeks, shedding close to 20 pounds and having my blood sugar level plummet to a non-type 2 diabetic level allowing me to drop all of my type 2 meds, I started working out - just like you descibe in your post:-D.

All was good, and I was feeling great. But when I jumped on the scale last week I’d gained two pounds!


I’ve been in total disarray. Wasn’t exercise supposed to help me SHED pounds - not gain them?

But your post calmed me, and I will keep hitting the gym, knowing my body will start shedding the pounds again soon.

Because it will, right? Right?!?


Right?! You and me both💪🏽

(e5e600bc70d39cdb6792) #30

Thanks for the reminder for those of us analyzing our scales! I am trying to avoid weighing myself often as the main way to measure my progress.

(Heather ) #32

Oh, wow! Soooo glad to see THIS! I found the forum this morning at 3:50am while on the way to the gym. It was after having stepped on that cursed, lying scale. That thing said I was up 4 lbs! I was ready to call the Dr. because surely I’m some sort of weight gaining freak of nature. Surely they’ll want to study me. Oh there was crying and nasty language in the wee hours this morning. Scale is in the yard now… I’ll stop using that as a measure of success. After the trip out into the yard, it may not be as accurate as it once was, anyway. I know I’m slimming down. I’m in pants that weren’t even close to fitting a month ago. I’ll just go by the pants.

(Elizabeth ) #34

Thank you so much for putting that picture, really gives me insight to my 5 workouts a week with 2 weight lifting days a week. I am still considered a newbie, only 7 weeks in


There are a few others like this on the web - very striking photos of women staying the same weight (or a few pounds higher) while slimming down and looking amazing.

Good luck to you!!