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@JackieBlue here is a video with Jason Fung on Intermittent Fasting, you might find worth watching.

(Jackie Blue) #43

because my understanding is the fat ratio must be 80% and if i max out my protein that fast and don’t keep my fat increased, I’m just doing Atkins.

(Empress of the Unexpected) #44

Not necessarily. Some of the higher fat percentage keto diets are for medical purposes, where an exact ratio is necessary. Fat is used here simply to make you feel full. If you are not hungry, it is not necessary to hit your fat macro. According to Chronometer, I have been only at 50% of my ratio for months, yet have lost the weight. I am at seven months, so assuming I am fat-adapted, I want to encourage my body to burn it’s excess fat - so not maxing out on fat is a good thing at this point. (Even having lost the weight I still have a bit of a belly to work on.) Just keep the carbs low. I eat a lot of meat, and still manage to not go over (too much) my protein macro.

(Jane) #46

I disagree but could be wrong. That’s not how I lost 30 lbs and I will be 60 next month, long past menopause and can gain weight walking past a Cinnabon and sniffing the carbage.

(Jenny) #47

Regina you are correct.

OP…an objective observation…people are trying to help you and you are giving highly emotional reactions to the ideas. Perhaps you are not really open to trying new things but just want to vent…which is ok of course!..but if you want help you should be a little open minded :slight_smile:

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(Jane) #48

To simplify…

This is my biased opinion (based on my personal experience and not scientific research since I am an engineer not a scientist) you are:

Eating within an 8-hr window but that includes lots of fat, fat bombs and snacks so your insulin is high during that time so no weight fat loss will occur.

You are determined to meet your “fat goals” so you have plenty of fat from your diet to sustain you during the 16 hours you aren’t eating. Body happy. Metabolism not slowed, but still burning plate fat.

Fat is good. Fat makes your hair shiny and skin soft. Fat transports essential vitamins to your systems. Fat is the highest energy macro you can eat. But too much of a good thing means extra padding. Just saying.

(Jackie Blue) #49

Jenny, not sure what you are referring to about not being open minded. I am highly excited about this new idea of not having to keep fat at 80% religiously and trying alternate day fasting. I am very enthusiastic about trying the new suggestions here - hoping to start tmrw.

(Jackie Blue) #50

I get it. Can’t wait to try it and see if that’s been the holdup for me. I was going on information I read most recently in The Keto Reset Diet by Mark Sisson which emphasizes throughout the entire book that the biggest mistake ppl make when going Keto is not keeping the fat at 80% of daily intake. He says that if you don’t have 80% fat intake daily, you are really just doing a form of Atkins and the protein you are eating makes you produce too much insulin and you won’t burn body fat stores.

However, It makes sense to me that if there is too much fat on my plate, my body won’t burn the stores on my hips and belly. I’m going to get my family on board with me doing a 2 week experiment with alternate day fasting and cutting my fat allowance in half on eating days and see if I see any weight loss at the end of 2 weeks.

(Jane) #51

I hope it works for you.

My n=1:

Atkins: Lose some weight initially. Stall.

Keto: Add fat. Happy! Lose weight. Stall.

Fasting: Break stall. Get to goal weight and maintain. Pissed off I have to not eat for days while my skinny friends wolf down carbs and don’t get fat.

Conclusion: Life isn’t fair.

(bulkbiker) #52

Were that true then no-one would lose any weight on a carnivore diet… which is what many followers in fact report so… keep an open mind and try everything…

(Jane) #53

Probably some truth in that if you snack on protein all day long like I did on Atkins. But I don’t agree you need to meet a fat macro - just enjoy fat and not limit it.

Took me weeks to get over my fear of fat when I started adding MCT oil or butter to my morning coffee. I was certain I would gain back all I had lost so far. Nope. Reduced my hunger even more and I kept on losing. But I never ate fat on purpose (like your avocado) to meet a macro. If I wanted one and was hungry - yes. If not then I didn’t eat.

(Jane) #54

I wish you the best over the next 2 weeks and I hope fasting works for you as well as it did for me.

(Jenny) #55

I hope it works for you and you will keep us posted :slight_smile:

(Ben ) #56

I don’t believe I saw where you put down how many calories a day your consume. More calories in than calories burned equals weight gain, Too many avocados with pizza and butter may be your pitfal.

(A fool and his bacon are soon parted) #57

While this is true, the hormonal situation complicates things. Insulin is the fat-storage hormone, and too much carbohydrate stimulates it big-time, which is why we keep our carb intake low. But there are other factors at work, as well. For one thing, the body compensates for fluctuations in calorie consumption by increasing the metabolic rate when food intake is higher, and by lowering the metabolic rate when food intake is lower. Also, women’s monthly hormonal fluctuations have a lot to do with their pattern of weight loss. So it’s not as simple as “eat less, move more.”

There is a lot of information on these forums about how to eat in a way that works with your body, instead of against it.

(Jackie Blue) #58

okay, hold me - I’m going in. I’m starting my 2 week alternate day fasting experiment today! There’s homemade pumpkin keto pie luring with its siren song from the fridge and all kinds of leftovers, but my will is iron! I can do this. I’ve already been going until noon every day, so now I just have to go until 11pm tonight. (I decided to do this at 11 pm last night for sure). By then, I will probably already be in bed, so I might be able to tack another 8 hours onto my first ever 24 hr fast.

So I plan to drink bone broth if I really start getting too hungry. I know I can get on the elliptical or take a walk to help, too. I feel a natural high and sometimes even a sense of mild euphoria when I exercise during my baby fasts so far. I can take a hot bath or play a board game with my kids…They are all out of school right now, so I am enlisting them to help me stay strong.

I am going to skim through the fasting threads here, but feel free to send me any tips for beginners you have!


Go get it girl!!

(Ben ) #60

Does anyone count calories anymore? A treeful of avocados have a boatload of calories. Butter,Fat,or any Keto foods to excess will mean weight gain. Calories in should not exceed calories out for weight loss.But that is just a thought. 5.6 blood count


Some count, some don’t. Do a search for CICO. You’ll find some… … … in depth ‘conversations’ about the subject!

(Jackie Blue) #62

I follow my macros on my Keto app - and posted that I always have calories and fat left over, but max out my protein quickly - I also never do more than 10-12 carbs. Here are my allowed macros:
Calories: 1411
Fat: 120 grams
Protein: 66 grams
Net Carbs: 18 grams