Everything in Moderation

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Very well said, Michael. It also frequently operates on a personal basis for the speaker, i.e. “I’m this way so my way must be the best.”

The ‘Exercise’ thread makes me think of that - in no way is it necessary for everybody, to lose weight on a ketogenice diet (and this is generalizing that they need keto and have a background of metabolic disturbance from eating a lot of carbohydrates).

Yet it still makes a massive difference for many people.

Eating the chocolate bar every day - I could see this; I think it’s a case of, “Well, if it didn’t do any harm then it didn’t do any harm.”

You hear it about cigarettes/tobacco, “Lived to 90, and smoked 2 packs of cigarettes every day right to the end.” – Well, maybe so, but I bet that if one was really familiar with the person in question, there would be some observable detriment from all the smoking.

“Drank a fifth of liquor every day…” I know a lot of people like this, a consequence of where I’ve lived and worked. I would go so far as to say they don’t make it to 90. I’ve seen 60s, even 70s, but it really drags them down.


very true in SO many ways that ‘back then’ we are not ever what we are now :slight_smile: so agree.


not sure cause my mom who is 93 and doing great stopped smoking at age 77 LOL but her health was not ‘this modern day lifestyle’ either so I think NOW vs. back then, what the older ones have done is not ever going to be us now :slight_smile: I can say thru life smoking never dragged her down, well yet HA


But why are you trying to tell people how to live their lives? Did they ask you?

I personally know a lady who has T2D and lives a happy life practicing the ‘moderation’ thing. It is her life, her choice. I have no business trying to teach her how to live, what to eat, etc. She’s 87, or 88, I can’t remember. I also know people who had open heart surgery and still chose to live as before. It is their life, their choice. One of my grandmothers died of lung disease. She chose to smoke cigarettes until the day she couldn’t hold one anymore. Died aged 80-something, a feat for people from the country where I was born. She gave birth to about 20 children and raised the about 13 who survived alone!.. Good luck to anyone trying to tell that great lady how to live her life.

Just imagine how many times they had to put up with I-know-better people in their lives!

I want to manage my BG with a keto WOE, but that’s my choice and I have no business giving people unwanted advise.

Do you appreciate when people try to tell you how to live?

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:slightly_smiling_face: Making it to 93 years old is something in itself, regardless of all other factors.

Hey @Fangs - why did she quit smoking?

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Thank you @Corals. I missed all those posts advocating we tell folks how to live their lives. I mistakingly thought we were having a discussion among ourselves about the rationalizations and justifications people use to avoid making beneficial changes in their lives. Silly me, I thought we were discussing this to avoid doing those things ourselves.

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Thank you. Maybe there is a misunderstanding here. This is just a discussion to weigh in on the effectiveness or otherwise of the strategy of “Everything in Moderation” when one is diagnosed with metabolic dysfunction. Anyone, following the discussion could benefit from it and especially to those either employing or thinking of employing this strategy.


She got tired of it. Just like her wine. One day she said she was done with wine, gonzo. Next day she said she was tired of ciggies so she stopped that day and never touched another. 93 and still going strong.

My Dad quit smoking at age 44 and passed at 86 from lung cancer. Healthy as a horse up to that literally and when treatment started, he was gone in 7 weeks. So fast. I think if he didn’t do any of that nasty azz treatment he would have had longer plus he would have been coherent in his last weeks. That chemo/radiation f’d him up immediately…ugh