Estimating Ketone levels via Blood Glucose score?


(Lance Gillette) #1

I just completed a 138 hour fast (5 days 18 hours). I don’t have a ketone meter but I started wearing a continuous glucose meter (Freestyle Libre) at the beginning of the fast. I decided to break my fast with a high fat meal: asparagus with coconut oil, avocado with pine nuts, Brazil nuts, ground flaxseed, peanut butter macadamia nut coconut oil fat bomb. Before I broke my fast my BG was 67. Two hours after I started eating it is now 83.

Does anyone measure both their ketone and BG levels? Maybe someone can estimate what my ketone level is based on my BG levels?

(Allie) #2

Plenty of us measure both but results are always individual.

I’ve had five day fasts end on ketones of 7.5mmol and glucose of 2.8mmol (that’s 50 to any Americans reading), but no one can really do what you’re asking.

(Lance Gillette) #3

Thanks for the information. My maximum BG was about 107 briefly. During the night it was mostly in the 50s and 60s. It went as low as 48. It’s been 17 hours since I last ate and still not hungry. But it is interesting to see how BG levels respond to exercise and simply walking around. I always thought physical activity would lower BG. But when I am in a fasted state physical activity always makes BG go up. I suppose it only lowers it when BG is higher than what the body needs.

I wonder why the US measures BG differently than the rest of the world? Are there any advantages to the European system? Is the US the only country that measures it this way?

(Jane) #4

Just a different unit of measure like lbs and kilograms. Divide US glucose by 18 to get the Euro units.

I’ve had my glucose rise during fasting after exercise. Body needed some so made it from my body stores of fat