Essential research to show my doctor?


Hi all! I’ve been obese now for about half my life, and my fasting glucose level from my last lab test is worrying (101). I’ve been listening to 2 Keto Dudes, and I’m interested in starting keto to avoid diabetes and lose weight, but of course I want to talk to my doctor first. I’m wondering if someone has a list of essential scientific papers and other tips on how to talk to him about it without him outright dismissing it. Thanks!

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This FAQ includes a number of links, including articles suggested for sharing with physicians


Thanks! I missed that paragraph.

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When I started, I got a full lipid panel, NMR (particulate analysis) and HBA1C tests. My Dr wasn’t around when I started but another told me that my cholesterol was kind of high. He didn’t really know much about LCHF diets so I just started. I’m 5 months into it and have improved #s (see Before and after 3 months for details).

Another thing I wish I had done before I started was to record a few days (or weeks) of what I was eating via At this time I don’t really know how many carbs I was eating before but I believe it was a lot.

Good luck.